50 Kisses Premiere… help in one final Herculean effort!

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Hello 50 Kissers

Judy here, stepping in for Chris who is deep down the Avid rabbit hole, mixing, fixing, and blitzing this sucker into shape ahead of the World Premiere next month (Feb 13th, London).

And speaking of which….I hope you’re all puckering up for what is going to be an absolutely cracking night! I can promise you that we’re going seriously LARGE on this one.  Red Carpet, shiny awards, big screen, fancy frocks, black ties, sexy shoes and tiny hats! Talk about a night to remember.

premiereThis really is the real deal people and we need you to help us pack this mother out. We ‘sold out’ the small screen in about five seconds which is awesome, but when I told you we’re going large, I meant LARGE….not medium.

We want the biggest screen they have. And a bigger screen means more seats and more seats means more people and more people means you guys inviting everyone you know to come and share in this fricking awesome night!

champersWe need YOU to go LARGE with us. Go large on your phone book, go large in your office, go large in the pub, go large on FB and Twitter and social media the hell out of this puppy.

The bigger this gets, the better it gets for everyone – for you, for your friends, your family and most of all for your careers. We all have a very real opportunity to do something genuinely amazing here;  something no one in the world has ever done before! Just take a second and think about that…

…that’s pretty damn cool right? And that’s surely gotta be worth a bunch of phonecalls and a few clicks on a Friday afternoon.

Tickets are a ridiculously reasonable £19.95 and if all that wasn’t enough, we’re even throwing in an official ‘50 Kisses’ USA cinema poster for everyone. The poster features the names of all the filmmakers, writers, cast and key crew in what is possibly the biggest billing block in the universe so, you know, that’s pretty damn cool right there! The posters are limited edition so you either get one here or that ship will have sailed into the sunset… forever!

TICKETS HERE… http://www.50kissesfilm.com/premiere/

So get your Gucci going, grab a friend or three and snag yourself one of the hottest seats in London Town this Valentines Day Eve. What better way to say “I love you” than with a WORLD premiere; this really is the date to trump all dates!

See you all on the 13th people – I’ll be the one in the tiny hat 😉

Judy X

PS – We are now screening in 17 cities and 7 countries over the premiere weekend. MORE ON THAT HERE.

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