Script To Screen with ‘Day Of The Flowers’, Brit romance feature film

Day-of-the-Flowers-UK-Quad-Poster-585x437Read the script, watch the movie, meet the filmmakers.

Where: The Vue Cinema (Apollo), Piccadilly
(19 Lower Regent Street, SW1Y 4LR)
When: 12 noon on Sunday the 30th March (followed by drinks in local bar)
How Much: £19.95
Guests: Director John Roberts, producer Jonathan Rae and DP Vernon Layton

When you sign up, we send you the Shooting Script (the script that was taken to set and not the one that was cleaned up in post), then you come to the screening in the cinema and watch the film with us and the team who made the film. Directly after the screening we engage in a one hour or so, indepth discussion about the scripts evolution from page, to set, to edit and final screen giving incredible access to the process. There will be plenty time for your questions too.

This will give you unparalleled insight into the choices made by the filmmakers in bringing this charming British romantic comedy to the big screen.

Among many other things we will discuss…

  • How the spec script got picked up
  • Development of the script prior to shooting
  • How the film got funded and produced
  • Changes between shooting script and final movie
  • Getting UK distribution
  • Getting international sales

Present for the event will be producer Jonathan Rae, director John Roberts and DP Vernon Layton. Essential for writers and filmmakers who are writing drama or comedy drama features.

Afterward, we will gather at a local bar to continue the conversation over a drink, through a Sunday afternoon of relaxed networking.

‘Eirene Houston’s thoughtful script gently ties together a plethora of competing themes and ideas’ Mark Kermode

And if you want to know what the event will be like, and how much detail we will cover, you can watch the script to screen we did for EXAM here…

Onwards and upwards!

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