The London Screenwriters’ Festival Releases FIRST FEATURE FILM on Feb 13th


Did you know that the London Screenwriters’ Festival has made a feature film? Did you know that is is platforming 50 new writers from our community and twenty four filmmakers? Did you know it is releasing in seventeen countries? Did you know it is Premièring on February 13th in London and you can walk the red carpet with us. (TICKETS)

The film is called ‘50 Kisses’ (TRAILER HERE) and has taken two years to get from first idea to the screen.

In 2012, the London Screenwriters’ Festival announced the concept – write a two page script featuring a kiss and set on Valentines. We would then select the best fifty scripts, release them on the web and any filmmaker could make their version. We would then select the best films and release a feature film made from these tiny epics.

2,000 scripts, 120 films and two years later and the film is now getting a red carpet premiere. And we want you to join in the experience.

And I keep pinching myself – the festival has made a feature film! And it’s is 100% made from emerging talent like you. This is exactly what the festival is committed to doing, not just offering up an annual event, but taking a stand, adding MASSIVE ACTION and INNOVATING ways in which we can help get YOU produced.

Nearly 2,000 people were involved in the making of ’50 Kisses’, it’s an extraordinary feat of human engineering, not to mention a remarkable movie.

We have invited a ton of agents and producers to the premiere too as we feel strongly that they need to see this extraordinary new talent.

So what can you do?


Every initiative we run, including the festival, lives or dies based on YOUR INVOLVEMENT. We have no external funding to artificially keep things going. If you want it, if you see value in it, you need to support it or it won’t happen again. It’s that simple.

And that’s the way we want it too, we need YOU to tell by your actions that what we are doing has real value to you, we don’t ever want to lose sight of that.

So I want to formally invite you and your loved ones to walk the red carpet with me, with fellow screenwriters, with amazing filmmakers, with the actors and crews of ‘50 Kisses’, and with the agents, producers and executives we have invited to come along to discover new talent.

You can get tickets to the world premiere on the ‘50 Kisses’ website here…

I look forward very much to seeing you there!

Onwards and upwards!

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