A Valentines Love Letter Video to Everyone Involved in 50 Kisses

photo3Ahead of the premiere, I thought we should share a short photo montage from the 50 Kisses journey, featuring lots of the 127 films and filmmakers involved, plus music from the 50 Kisses soundtrack challenge.

It’s a reminder of the scale and ambition of 50 Kisses, the global reach and just how remarkable it has been for me, to shepherd the production through highs and lows.

On behalf of the 50 Kisses team, I want to thank you, whether you wrote a script, made a film or observed the project as it developed.

Tomorrow, premiere night, Thursday February 13th, will be an extraordinary milestone on that journey and I hope this Valentines love letter to you, from the whole team, brings back memories of your journey.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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