The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass ‘Fizzled with energy and passion for filmmaking’


This weekends Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass was spectacular. It fizzled with energy, passion and love for filmmaking.

I am trying to take the day to rest, but thought I would share some tweets and Facebook messages…

  • e197246729caf9d7a3d5564eedb73a83‘Just wanted to say the workshop was stupendous! Brilliant, inspiring and packed with amazing info’
  • 570fd60fbafe4e82b7daa2e5fc44ee2c‘Thanks to @livingspiritpix for an absolutely fabulous weekend. Tired, but inspired. I am committed!’
  • 690fb1fdfb2a5542ebcdcae5bc5c11c0‘A brilliant information dump – and very generous of you not to keep the secrets all to yourself!’
  • profile_new_2_bigger‘Thx for amazing weekend! Do feel like different person. Trouble going to sleep from all the new ideas. Wonderful!’
  • 2d7c197344e4d2d32b4b2a3ce6203471‘To inspire others to be creative is a true gift. Starting this week with a new energy and positivity! Thank you for a fantastic weekend’
  • 36186a3da1de10d220cb36a19d0bf894‘What an amazing two days! You were right @livingspiritpix I am tired but inspired!’
  • Jt9boc7K‘It was a life changing experience! Feeling so amazing after the end of #Gfilm – Thank you to the amazing people who made it so incredible! @livingspiritpix you are a guru!’
  • me_and_a_435_small_bigger‘thank you for remind me why I started this marathon and to make me want to be that kid again’
  • 17eJ-9iE‘#GFilm and #LSF is church for me. Thanks @livingspiritpix and all the team’
  • a2b2c4af89dd0d72eb5d614247a34f0a_bigger‘Did Guerilla film course at the weekend. @livingspiritpix was on fire! It was awesome. Now I’m exhausted!!!’
  • GYTIjPpQ_bigger‘What an amazing weekend at #gfilm Masterclass. Learnt loads, and met some lovely people. Thanks Chris @livingspiritpix Feeling inspired’
  • d6ecbfd92e13f3eeaf9ec409b7c83138_bigger‘Informative.. #educational Life changing… Wow Thanks Chris!’
  • f7dKOPWc‘Thank you @livingspiritpix for the epic weekend!’
  • 0035420c258c2c1e0f97723a70f98438_bigger‘Thanks @livingspiritpix for a great weekend at #Gfilm – loved your explanation of the difference bw being attached and being committed!’
  • 1557567_10153884100385227_465751838_n‘Dictionary description “Flabbergasted: to surprise (someone) greatly; astonish”– or in other words take the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass! It’s been a fantastic weekend, made so many new friends and Irecommend it to anyone who may be crazy enough to want to make that dream of theirs real.’ Ambee Sembhi

  • 1058428360‘All the other delegates I met, without exception agreed it was really good and we all took away some tangible actions and committed to stay in touch’
    John Suriano
  • 252231_1002029915278_1941483569_n‘Masterful, Chris. Thank you.’
    Michael Young

Right now I need to email out a ton of resources I promised over the weekend. Full feedback to follow.

We also have photos on Flickr here…

And Dropbox here…

Feel free to use on blogs and social media.

Onwards and upwards!

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