Top Ten Reasons To Come to The 2 Day Masterclass, Your First Draft With Pilar Alessandra in London, June 14th/15th

imageIt’s just over two weeks now until the two day Masterclass with Pilar Alessandra – Your First Draft With Pilar. If you have seen Pilar in action, and if you want tools to help you get from idea to first draft rapidly, then you will know it’s a no-brainer and I am sure you will have already signed up. If not, here are my top ten reasons why you should sign up now.

When: June 14th and 15th
Where: Regents University, Regents Park, London
How Much: £139 (get £50 off with code CHRISJONES)
Sign up HERE or use the form below.

1. Take your ideas from your head to page FAST
If you are like me you will be flooded by great ideas, but at the same time I never seem to be able to focus on ‘the one’ that deserves my full attention. Pilar will show you how to make the distinction between great ideas, and the great ideas that will also make great scripts and great films. MORE HERE

2. Get tools to fast track your NEW ideas
Once you have focussed on the killer idea, Pilar will give you tools to rapidly develop it into words on the page. For some ideas it may never get beyond this first step, but at least it is a developed and structured story on paper instead of just a good idea in your head. And that can now be presented to other writers, directors and producers. It’s a tangible asset. Of course, this idea may also be THE idea that you want to take further and into first a draft. MORE HERE

3. Figure out how to create killer loglines and pitches that create immediate interest.
Great stories need sales pitches to turn ‘interest’ into a ‘script request’. Pilar will show you how to find the essential conflict and tone at the heart of your idea. And you will be blown away at how this one-liner will transform mild disinterest into a script request. It’s all about structuring that short pitch and focussing on the right elements. MORE HERE

4. Learn to structure quickly and powerfully
Using a beat sheet to quickly ensure all the required steps needed to tell a powerful story is a rapid way to map out your story in minutes. Pilar will show you how to apply these beats to your story, so you can quickly abandon good ideas that go nowhere and focus on the ones that follow through to a satisfying climax. Remember, we all have great setups, but it’s harder to complete our story on a satisfying ending. MORE HERE

5. Get tools to write authentic dialogue that crackles
Most of us struggle to give our characters original voices. Pilar will share simple and effective ways to put authentic words into the mouths of your characters, giving unique identities to your characters and helping them speak in powerful subtext. MORE HERE

6. Revitalise tired scenes with tools that make them jump off the page
Some scenes just seem slow and plodding. And yet with a small injection of left field creativity and the courage to leave stuff off the page, scenes can suddenly feel fresh and original. MORE HERE

7. Learn how to choose new words that makes your script a page turner
Screenplays are made of words that emote powerfully, painting images in the mind of the reader. Yet screenplays are not prose. So how do you approach the art and craft of writing ‘the most with the fewest words’? Pilar will show you how to structure phrases and choose words so that what you write immediately grabs the reader. You will be creating evocative, authentic and imaginative worlds and characters and always by using fewer words. MORE HERE

8. Meet other writers, producers and directors like you
The room will be crammed with creative people just like you. And as this workshop is highly interactive with exercises throughout the weekend, expect to make new allies and friends. We are all in it together. MORE HERE

9. It’s not expensive and it’s PILAR!
OK first off, where else can you get a world class Hollywood script guru teaching you for a full weekend for £139 (and get £50 off with code CHRISJONES for being on this mailing list)? Second, it’s Pilar! Seriously, she is a powerhouse! Every year we fly her in from LA at the London Screenwriters Festival for her Pitching Thursday and her feedback is almost ALWAYS off the chart. MORE HERE

10. Get inspired to focus, write AND deliver NOW
It’s hard to write every day. Pilar’s tools will create a mindset and offer specific tactics and strategies to get you writing every day. And not just writing, but focusing in on your best ideas, written in the most produceable way. Her tools will help you move your scripts off the shelf and into the hands of producers. MORE HERE

Take action and sign up now. Seriously, it will be that good. If it’s not, see me and I will give you a full refund.

Buckle up, it’s going to be AWESOME!

Onwards and upwards!

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