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pilarSo this weekend went off the scale with positive feedback at the First Draft With Pilar – 98% five star feedback!

Statistically that does not get more of a slam dunk.

As you will know, Pilar is returning to the LSF this year with Pitching Thursday (more here) and we have plans to bring her whole new 2 day TV writing class over soon too.

Here is what delegates said…

‘Exceeded all my expectations – a must for any writer, no matter how experienced!’
Natasha Pring – Actor, Writer

‘Jam packed with practical tools and effortless insight – brilliant teaching from a very generous expert’
Giselle Boucher – Writer

‘Listen to Pilar! Everything she says is based on hard won experience and she doesn’t waste a moment on bullshit!’
David Gilhooly – Writer

IMG_7770‘First Draft With Pilar does exactly what it says on the tin – gives you all the tools and gets you started on the first draft from the first hour’
Joe Cawley – Writer, Author

‘I feel completely refreshed and renewed creatively, with a whole new toolkit for writing. Unbelievable value for money!’
Chris Hughes – Film Maker

‘Quite frankly Pilar’s workshop is the best event I’ve attended on screenwriting’
Richard Edwards – Writer

IMG_7867‘Pilar’s words of wisdom fire out at you like a machine gun!’
Ian Farr – Film Editor who wants to write

‘Getting the lightbulb moment of ‘Scene Intentions’ was absolutely transformational – that alone made it all worth while!’
Chris Drannick – Writer

‘I have come away with an outline for a film, which is amazing because all I had at the start was a title and a couple of characters’
Katy Segrove – Writer

‘My creative brain has suddenly come alive again!  My ideas are flowing! God, I have missed this feeling!’
Ramin Farahani – Writer

‘Pilar is a tiny training terrorist typhoon! She creates explosions in your writing brain and destroys the barriers you have built in your own mind and clears the way for a total rebuild from a fresh perspective’
Dee Chilton – Screenwriter

IMG_8208‘Pilar inspires with her incisive advice and gravitas. Full of ideas, practical advice and endearing audience rapport’.
Colin Akhurst – Screenwriter, Film Maker

‘I’ve been stuck in the middle of Act II. Now I can go home and finish it! Hooray!’
Marie Macneill – Writer, Director, Script Editor, Film Lecturer

‘I pretty much finished my episode outline in one weekend. A great leap forward after months of struggling with plot’
Christian Ward – Writer

‘I wrote dialogue for a character I’ve had in mind for a long time. Pilar’s structure and exercises helped breathe life into her so she could speak for the first time – amazing!’
Diana – Writer, New Director

IMG_8036‘I have written from nothing, a few pages of structure that will allow me to finish my film – amazing! Pilar and Chris have struck gold with this event!’
Uppili Raghavachari – Writer, Director, Producer

‘A great mix of structure, techniques and space to find your creativity’
Jeremy Caine – Writer

‘For years I have been frightened of making mistakes on my first draft, but plunging straight into story has given me the confidence to realize my ideas to the fullest’
Scott Davenport – Writer

‘Thanks to the networking opportunity at this event, I have been asked to contribute to a short film project’
Ian Martin – Screenwriter

IMG_8041‘Truly inspiring, my project has actually started! Pilar was very insightful and able to connect to every question asked of her – she cares!’
Jamie Pigott – Actor, Writer, Producer

‘I came from France just for this course; with no specific idea. In just two days I was able to draft a full outline on my story’
Anael Verdier – Writer

‘I’ve been working on a script for months but could not work out how to introduce my secondary protagonist. This morning (Day 2), Pilar’s character introduction section suddenly cracked it. Now I have her introduction…and 10 other scenes!  Everyone should do this course and come to LSF – it feels like home’
Nicola Walters – Screenwriter

‘I beat out all three episodes of my TV show after day one!’
Rachel Smith – Writer

IMG_7839‘Pilar just destroyed every obstacle that’s been hindering me. My words have been liberated!’
Jaymi Bandtock – Writer

‘Pilar is fantastic – grab any opportunity to see her, hear her and learn from her!’
Guy Lambert – Writer

‘A film degree in one weekend!’
Ian Allwyn – Writer

‘Out of this event a producer wants to see a pitch of my film! Pilar is phenomenal!’
Charlotte Essex – Writer

IMG_8034‘Pilar Alessandra is a giant amongst screenwriters!’
Sara Stamp – Writer

‘Being made to write on the spot was incredibly liberating and empowering to realize I have more ideas than I imagined’
Marie Farguharson – Film Maker, Producer

‘Pilar knows what she is talking about. Listen to her and you wont go far wrong – or if you are lost in the woods she’ll help you find your way back’
Fiona Tuohy – Writer

‘I’m actually making progress on a video game script now (which had been stalled for months) – despite this being a feature/TV focused event. Pay Pilar whatever she wants to get her back!’
Tom Bourner – Ghost Writer

‘I came in with a vague idea and am leaving with my acts plotted out, rounded characters and a completed opening scene… great job Pilar!’
Tamsyn Murray – Writer

‘I had an idea on Tuesday, booked my place on Wednesday and had an outline for my script by Saturday evening. Amazing – thank you!’
Kim Wheeler – Screenwriter, Poet

‘I came with old ideas to revisit. I left with two brand new ones and a sense of how to develop them both’
Carole Oldfield – Writer

‘Pilar’s methods are clear and effective and can be put to instant use – and frequently were!’
Shay Elliot – Producer, Writer


Onwards and upwards!

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