Top 8 Reasons I Have Heard Why People Are NOT Coming To The First Draft With Pilar Workshop This Weekend

imageRight now I am neck deep in handouts that I am printing for the weekend, and later Pilar is landing at Heathrow all the way from Hollywood. I have waited three years to bring this workshop to London and I cannot wait for the weekend.

So look, if you have been resisting signing up, here are some answers to your tough questions…

1. Not another Hollywood script guru please!
I get it, there are lots of people who claim they are gurus. So let me set the record straight. Pilar would NOT call herself one. She is a professional script development exec who has worked in Hollywood for over a decade and for almost all of the biggest players. Her CV is amazing. Then she discovered something. As good as she is at script development, she is even better at teaching, and she LOVES sharing the knowledge. If you have seen her on stage you will know what I mean when I say she positively glows with energy, she is having THAT good a time. Plainly, she is massively knowledgeable and can transfer that knowledge with delicious passion. If you don’t like her, I will give you a refund on the spot.

2. Yeah but it’s too late now, I can’t afford it, it’s bad timing, it’s going to be sunny…
Seriously? OK let me be straight, if any of those reasons are stopping your career as a screenwriter, you might want to reconsider. Two hundred other writers are not letting these reasons get in their way. Don’t sell yourself and your career short. Get off the fence and commit. The magic will follow. If it doesn’t, I will give you a full refund on the spot.

3. I don’t need it, I know this stuff already…
I get it, you do know loads. But I also know there is stuff you don’t know that you don’t know. You will also be challenged on what you do know, seeing it from a different angle and perhaps shifting your opinion. Pilar is hugely sought after at the studios, do you think those guys say ‘I know it all’ or ‘I don’t need it…’? No. They know the value of expert coaching, they have career ladders to climb and need help from the best. As a professional, getting just one profound insight over the two days would be worth it. Most likely you will get a ton. If you find you knew everything and got nothing from it, let me know, and yes I will give you a full refund on the spot.

4. I can’t afford it…
We work super hard to keep the costs down. Flying Pilar from LA, running the class and working on it for six months is tough and expensive. And where else can you get a two day class that will deliver so much for just over £80 (with discount code CHRISJONES?) Bottom line, you can afford it and you are choosing something else over this class. That’s OK if you want to make that choice, but please be clear that whatever you are choosing is more important to you than a weekend of training from Pilar. Nothing wrong with that, but it should inform you where your priorities lie.

5. I don’t want to be put on the spot…
This class is interactive and you will be expected to write. No you will not be dragged on stage and no you do not need to speak at all. But you will need to write and that will put you on the spot and you will be forced into immediate creativity. Don’t fear this, it’s a process. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about the work.

6. I will do this next time or at the festival in October…
So Pilar is not teaching this class at the London Screenwriters’ Festival. And we have no plans to run it again in London. Saying I will do it next time is the equivalent of saying I will do that thing I need to do, one day, someday. When it’s convenient. It’s never convenient. Being a writer is certainly not convenient. Ask your family and friends! If you want to do it, commit and do it now.

7. I have my first draft and it’s terrific. I have no problem getting to the first draft.
Great! My hope is that every first draft that you write will be that easy and that good. My experience as both a reader and a screenwriter is that will never happen. No-one on the planet is that good. This class is all about the tools you need to get to that first draft rapidly and it’s just two days. Consider you may spend two months trying to get past a single block on your next project. It’s a ridiculously good return on your investment – 2 days for a lifetime of acceleration in productivity as a screenwriter.

8. I am not a writer, I am a director, an actor, a producer…
Are you kidding! Of all people, you would benefit the most from this class. Get your head inside the fastest way to develop ideas and spot bad ideas. Meet hundreds of other writers, filmmakers and creatives. Seriously, sign up now!

So look, the bottom line is this. Do it, or do not do it.

Be clear that you have chosen either way, and also know that whichever you choose is the right answer for you.

Just don’t choose to avoid doing it for trivial reasons as this class is THAT good, it’s AFFORDABLE and it’s THIS WEEKEND. And we have no plans to bring it back next year.

Sign up below and get £50 off with the code CHRISJONES

And there is more on the site here at

Finally, as you know, I run lot’s of classes and all are first class. But this is the first one both Judy and myself will participate in as it’s that good.

OK if you are on the fence, get off either way and take action.

See you there!

Onwards and upwards!

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