250 seconds that will re-ignite the passion in any filmmaker or screenwriter

It’s often forgotten that we storytellers are in fact magicians.

In all the hullabaloo of egos, opinions, reviews, funding proposals, endless rewrites, never ending shooting days in the rain, bad food, overdrafts, broken relationships… we have all been there and have that T shirt right? But what keeps us going is that we recognise at some deep and fundamental level that what we do is transcendent.

We don’t just make stuff, we manufacture meaning and emotion that people feel very deeply and profoundly. We can change lives through our art and that is an extraordinary thing to do with out one life.

So if like me, you have had a tough week, sit back for two and half minutes and watch this magical reminder of what we do.

Kudos to David Anderson for creating something so wonderful.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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