The British Screenwriters’ Awards 2014: Hosted by Rhona Cameron

rhonaIn a star studded (Ted Tally and Joel Schumacher sat next to one another in the front row counts) and joyous event 2014 found itself the year that was putting screenwriters at the forefront as the British Screenwriters’ Awards burst into being.

Four awards were up for grabs in this inaugural event and if that sounds like humble beginnings for an awards event then we should be humbled only by the outstanding writing from TV and Film nominees. And set within the warm arms of the London Screenwriters’ Festival it was a heartfelt affair to honour the true architects of great storytelling, the writers themselves.

Hosted by the redoubtable Rhona Cameron who had us in raucous stitches and kept us that way for some time, the awards, golden envelopes an’ all, were greeted by roars from a packed house full of screenwriters honouring their own. Here at the London Screenwriters’ Festival we are a family, inspiring each other to excel. “Writers are conductors of the soul.” Rhona imparts philosophically.

Here are the nominees and winners of this first event. Many thanks to The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain for their sponsorship.

Outstanding Newcomer for British Television Writing

  • ‘Murdered By My Boyfriend’ by Regina Moriarty (BBC3)
  • ‘Raised By Wolves’ by Caitlin Moran and Caroline Moran (Channel 4)
  • WINNER: ‘In the Flesh’ by Dominic Mitchell, John Jackson and Fintan Ryan (BBC3)
  • ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ by Tom Bidwell, Rae Earl and Laura Neal (Channel 4)

Outstanding Newcomer for British Feature Film Writing

  • WINNER: ‘Saving Mr Banks’ by Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith
  • ‘The Riot Club’ by Laura Wade
  • ‘Starred Up’ by Jonathan Asser
  • ‘Pride’ by Stephen Beresford

Best British TV Drama Writing

  • ‘The Honourable Woman’ by Hugo Blick (BBC2)
  • WINNER: ‘Happy Valley’ by Sally Wainwright (BBC1)
  • ‘Sherlock’ by Stephen Moffatt and Mark Gatiss (BBC1)
  • ‘Utopia’ by Dennis Kelly (Channel 4)

Best British Feature Film Writing

  • ‘The Selfish Giant’ by Clio Barnard
  • WINNER ‘Philomena’ by Jeff Pope and Steve Coogan
  • ‘Locke’ by Steven Knight
  • ‘The Double’ by Richard Ayaode and Avi Korine
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