’50 Kisses’ Released Online on Christmas Day… Looking back at the journey

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photo350 Kisses will be released online on Christmas day 2014, for viewing online and download for viewing on your own device.

It’s been a LONG road to this day, with great highs and challenging lows. Like every movie, 50 Kisses wasn’t just made, it feels like it was birthed, with all the mess, unexpected challenges, joys and sleepless nights that come with it.

It all began with a simple idea, to get screenwriters scripts produced and filmmakers work seen.

Advice - Behind the Scenes #2To platform new talent.

To evolve the short film from the ghettos of the ‘online curiosity’ and into a more mainstream arena – into the feature film arena.

Because there was a ton of stuff we didn’t know we didn’t know, in some areas, we feel short. But in others we knocked it out of the park.

Landing a Guinness World Record was a totally unforseen bonus. Being the second highest performing UK film at the box office in the week of release was also a wonderful gift.

Still 2 from You Used To Bring Me Flowers by Open All Hours MediaThe film itself, while unusual, flies by and is a terrific watch. We should all be proud of that as none of us could really be sure it would work as a feature film.

The premiere and awards night was truly outstanding. I will never forget that night.

But for me, what has been most rewarding has been running an open lab for writers and filmmakers and all creative people allied. A lab where anyone can get involved, or observe and comment from the sidelines.

50 Kisses Premiere_129For some people, 50 Kisses has been an extraordinary free film school experience.

We have also learned HUGE amounts about running this kind of initiative and will incorporate all of that experience in the next Create50 project (to be announced imminently).

So enjoy ‘50 Kisses’ online, or download the MP4 and watch on your Apple TV, SmartTV or media player that can handle MP4 video files (if your DVD player or TV has a USB port, most likely it can play the film).

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Please do comment on Facebook, Twitter (hashtag #50Kisses), on this page or on the office www.50KissesFilm.com page.

And do consider getting involved in the next project (sign up below for details here).

We will be opening up for script submissions with the new project concept in the coming weeks.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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