Why I think The Sony Hack and email revelations are shocking and deplorable

As the Sony Hack spins in myriad directions, one thing that seems to have been swept under the carpet has been bothering me.

In this internet age of trying to find the balance between internet free speech and that of online privacy, I have been somewhat staggered at how many people have ignored the privacy of Sony and its employees.

The payoff for ignoring this privacy issue? Cheap giggles at exchanges between people, or worse, quasi political comment on these exchanges.

These are PRIVATE MESSAGES. Even if they are on the web, when we read them, we are individually breaching that privacy.

Listen, I have read the posts too. I am guilty as charged. And I am not proud of it. I am not taking any moral high ground as I have read them too.

In many ways there is nothing different between the UK Phone hacking scandal and this Sony hack. And if we engage with it, if we read private messages, if we comment on those messages, we are complicit in that breach of privacy.

None of us have a right to read these messages and they are not in the public domain.

The comments flying around about Aaron Sorkin, often highly politicised and skewed, are what prompted me to write this post.

I asked, ‘hang on, what the hell am I doing reading private emails from Aaron Sorkin and why do I have the right to comment?’

Again. These are private messages. Conversations that are inevitably taken out of context.

If we want freedom of speech, that MUST come with responsibility too.
Onwards and upwards!

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