Building a Better Site and Engine for Create 50

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For the last month or so we have been Beta testing and building the new site for the next Create50.

Key to this new site is community and creative interaction.

People can, and are encouraged, to offer feedback and collaborate on projects and scripts. And so far it’s coming along very nicely.

For the tech heads out there, we are developing in Ruby which means we can develop and deploy much faster than in other languages. Certainly that’s been my experience so far.

We are also developing as we go, making incremental changes as we get feedback from the users or have our own ideas once we ourselves use the system.

Yesterday I launched a survey to ask everyone what they thought we should we should make the next project and the results have been fascinating. You can take the survey HERE (link is mobile friendly).

I am itching to launch and right now I think we are about two weeks away.

Onwards and upwards!

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