Create 50… Which idea do you think we should do?

50 Kisses World Record30

So we are VERY close to launching the next Create 50 after the success of ‘50 Kisses’ and I wanted to ask for your feedback on some ideas we have before we commit and launch. You can get more information on the last feature film we made on the 50 Kisses website HERE.

We have built a whole new website that is both sophisticated and easy to use so the process is much more streamlined, and it will also allow people to connect and collaborate on a whole new level. We have spent several months building this online engine and it should be launched in the next few weeks.

But before we do that, we have two important questions to ask you…
(Use this link if you are having issues seeing the survey

Thank you and I look forward to reading your script!

If you have any further comments or ideas please leave them in the public comments Facebook feedback below, or tweet me @LivingSpiritPix

Onwards and upwards!

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