LSF volunteers Tila and Patrick had all their money stolen by a devious con-artist and are homeless… Let’s get them back on track!


Tila and Patrick are two of our wonderful volunteers who offer their time and incredible support to The London Screenwriters’ Festival and delegates.

They make a difference in peoples lives.

Last Autumn they took a huge risk and flew over from Canada to the UK, not just because they love London, but because they want to make themselves a career in film and TV.They had no contacts and no open doors. But they did have a dream and the passion to follow it.


Upon arrival they moved into a typical London flat share that was overcrowded – seven people sharing a grimy shower. You get the picture.

After the Festival they made a decision to stay in London. And that meant moving on from their first flat share into something more livable. They found rooms, committed to them and they paid the landlord a deposit.

Unfortunately, the “landlord” was a very clever crook, operating with a stolen identity and a plan that snared at least ten other vulnerable travelers who put their entire bank balance into these ‘deposits’ – aka the crooks pocket.

Of course, this person has now disappeared between the cracks. And while the police are doing everything they can, Tila and Patrick are left homeless and without a deposit for a flat.

Today when Tila came into the office, she wept as she told me her tale. She was looking down the barrel of a deeply uncertain future.

So I felt I should take action to help them back onto their feet.

It’s time for US to make a difference in their lives now. 

Will you help me raise the £1,500 they were scammed out of, so they can put a deposit on a flat, stay in the UK and pursue their dreams?

And we have a stretch goal to fill their fridge with food too!

I am putting on the first £100 personally.

Perks start at £10. We are incredibly grateful for anything you can give to help get Tila and Patrick back on track.

Help me make a difference.

Contribute via the IndieGoGo page HERE

Onwards and upwards!

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