How best to be a filmmaker in 2015?

Later or now

Keep the investment to a minimum and the innovation to a maximum.

We are living inside a technological and social evolution / revolution the scale of which the planet has never seen before. Being inside it, it looks slow, but judged in historical timescales, it’s extraordinarily rapid.

The rules are changing so much and so fast as to make the old industry almost unrecognisable to emerging filmmakers.

So now, when creatives approach me for advice I say, ‘make as much as you can for and spend as little as you can in doing so.

Keep the investment to a minimum and the innovation to a maximum. This will mean no single project will bring you down and something extraordinary will always be accomplished (even if it’s a spectacular fail).

And move quickly. With each roll of the dice you learn more, enjoy the thing you love and increase your odds of success however you chose to define it.

Some principles will always remain the same – human beings communicate through story, the basic format of stories, the allure of the new, the comfort of the old.

But radical new strategies to fulfil those principles are developed and deployed every day. This is the gold that we gold diggers should be searching for.

Not living in ‘how it was’. But actively engaged and excited but ‘what it could be’.

Pass me a shovel, I am headed for the hills to star digging.

Onwards and upwards!

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