The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass: The Final Chapter… Come for just £69

imagseI want to invite you to something rather extraordinary.

This Summer I am running the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass one last time and I want you to come and be a part of this final and remarkable chapter.

I love the masterclass, I have been teaching it for 15 years now and trained over 3,000 filmmakers, but it’s time for me to shift my focus onto bold new initiatives in filmmaking.

‘Delivered in short bursts of rocket fuel for the soul’
Luke Campbell, Film maker

imassgeWhat is it? A two day event that is designed to cram your brain, heart and soul with all the information, tips and tricks you need to make your film now. In the room there will be hundreds of other filmmakers, actors, editors, directors… creative just like you. Collaborators even.

‘This course has more useful information than the internet on crack!’
Robert Emmanuel, Writer & Director,

I have updated and expanded the masterclass now and this final one is going to knock it out of the park…. for you, for your project but most of all for us, the film industry that lives, breathes, creates, evolves and flourishes at the micro budget end of the spectrum.

imsssssageAs with the first large scale Masterclass in 2011, I have dropped the price to £69.99 as I want as many people in the room as possible. I am committed to manifesting a new ‘movement’ over that weekend and you should be there for it.

So to refresh your mind, body and spirit as to what you can you expect?

• So much knowledge and experience – tons of updated information, tips, tricks and insights into making your film.
• Longer – I will be running into the evening on Saturday to fit EVERYTHING into this final masterclass.
• Amazing people like you – the room will be brimming with old friends and possible new collaborators.
• Inspiration – you know you will leave buzzing, but here’s my promise, this time you will leave unstoppable.
• The end – yes this is it, the last chance to do the GFMM
• ‘The Movement’ – together we have real power. It’s time for us to start owning the industry as we ARE the industry.

‘More than a masterclass on filmmaking, it’s a masterclass on attitude, courage, vision – on living the dream’

Adelle Kirby, Screenwriter

So again, come and be part of the new industry as we reboot into a brave, creative and fulfilling new world.

Information, inspiration and collaboration.

Be part of it.

Chris Jones

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