Neil Gaiman Keynote Speech: Embracing Change and Mantra’s for a successful creative life

I came across this keynote from the legendary Neil Gaiman from their Digital Minds conference. So much in this conversation resonates with me.

Above all, for creatives, is the notion that we must create and set free our work.

We must innovate ideas in both creativity and commerce.

We must become prolific.

Each individual creative work is like a dandelion seed. All have potential. Many will fall on hard rock. But some might find the right environment, the right time… and somehow capture the zeitgeist. Committing to trying everything massively increases the chance of success, however we individually define success.

Inspired, I have distilled some of the key idea that I believe will help people who pursue success in creative industries today. And I have added a few ideas of my own.

  • Create prolifically
  • Innovate creatively, even playfully
  • Move with rapidity

And a few of my own I have picked up along the way…

  • See failures as successful learning
  • Proximity is power
  • Change is constant, progress is an active choice
  • Execution trumps planning
  • Learn on the journey
  • Choose your peers wisely

Do you have any thoughts you could add, ones that would help other creatives?

Onwards and upwards!

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