Make YOUR movie NOW… Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass 2015

_MG_2054I will be running my final two day Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass over the weekend on July 25th / 26th at Regents University, London – £69 for the two days.

To date I have made four feature films, all released in theatres, been Oscar shortlisted, won the Producers Guild Of America best short award, written seven books on filmmaking in the Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series and interviewed literally hundreds of filmmakers. This experience has given me a unique perspective on the challenges we all face in 2015 as filmmakers, we the storytellers who are determined to get our work produced, out there and seen.

_MG_2251While the event is crammed with TONS of filmmaking tips, tricks and information that will save your £££s, loads of wasted time and a mountain of heartache, what makes the masterclass so extraordinary is the atmosphere.

You can’t get that from a book or online, you can only get that in the room.

I now know that while the filmmaking information you will get is extremely useful, and the contacts you make essential, what will make a the biggest difference is a powerful shift in the way you see your film and your career.

imassgeAlongside the massive overload of information, delivering that shift is my goal at the masterclass.

Imagine the best version of YOU, empowered with new information, connected with a new tribe like minded talent… and then IGNITE that person with passion and drive, the kind you had when you were a kid, when anything you wanted to do seemed possible. Hell, inevitable.

This version of you, this ignited creative, gets shit done, not one day someday, but right here right now.

This shift, fueled by new knowledge, empowered by new relationships, is why this masterclass GETS RESULTS.

At the masterclass, filmmaking success will be hard wired into your mind, body and soul.

So what will you get? Specifically.

For two straight days I will cram your brain with hard won lessons that will save you money, time and heartache.

I will show you how to take what you know and use it to get your movie made now. I call this Creative Ignition and it’s about getting both what you already know and what you have just learned into massive, unstoppable action.

We can’t climb the mountain alone, as GFilm veteran Tom Kerevan said in a blog post recently – he attended GFilm in 2013 and met his team at the event. Together, they just made their first feature and will be taking it to Cannes in May. Finding like minded collaborators is key to success, and the room will be full of potential collaborators.

Acceleration and momentum
By combining the filmmaking knowledge, your new relationships and your INGNITION you will leave in a state of unstoppable certainty.So, it’s £69 and two days of your life and I am going to give EVERYTHING I have for these two days.


Come or don’t come. One choice will get one result, the other choice a different result. But know that success lies in taking decisions and following through.

If this is resonating with you, take the leap now. If you want to hear from past delegates, there’s feedback HERE…

And the schedule HERE

I look forward to seeing you at the final Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass.

imagqeIt will be epic. Promise.

Here are a few comments from past delegates…

‘Thank you so much for kickstarting my passion for filmmaking again’
Nicola Hague, 10 Stars!!!

‘I loved everything, it was so positive and rewarding while also brutally honest’
Dianne Thomas, Filmmaker

‘Just wanted to say the workshop was stupendous! Brilliant, inspiring and packed with amazing info’

‘It was a life changing experience! Feeling so amazing after the end of #Gfilm – Thank you to the amazing people who made it so incredible!

‘Delivered in short bursts of rocket fuel for the soul’
Luke Campbell, Film maker

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