Inspirational Podcast: Editing ‘Mission Impossible’ with Eddie Hamilton

Untitled-1So I just returned from the cutting rooms of ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ where I interviewed my good friend Eddie Hamilton about his experience editing the movie, and his journey to this point.

I have known Eddie for 20 years now and this podcast is classic Eddie Hamilton advice and worth its weight in gold.

Core to his success, aside from his clear talent and massive enthusiasm, has been a number of tactics which we discuss in the podcast, including the importance of delivering your very best every day, the value of relationships (both at home and professionally) and having a sense of gratitude for every opportunity.

I had the privilege of being invited to a test screening of the film a month or so back and while it was not completed at that point, it was for me, the best Mission Impossible film to date. There is everything you expect from a ‘Mission Impossible’ movie, but this one also has a hint of romance that elevates it above previous movies in the franchise.

If you want to edit movies, if you want to get into post production, if you want to get into assistant editing… clear 46 minutes right now and listen to this cracking podcast with Eddie. And then go see the movie. You can follow Eddie on Twitter @eddiehamilton

In the podcast I also mentioned an interview I did with Eddie on the day of release of Kick Ass which you can watch here.

Onwards and upwards!

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