Feedback from the London 2015 Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass


I have finally managed to collate the feedback from last weekends Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass where we raised the game, roof and our collective possibilities to sky high levels. Here you go…

‘I have learned to embrace the fear and do it anyway!’
Derek Parsons – Producer

‘Inspiring, life changing! A great spiritual kick up the arse. Fantastic!’
Robert Gwyn Davin – Filmmaker, Actor, Director

‘This was the most honest filmmaking course I have ever been to!’
Lee Thorneycroft – Director, Writer

Chris Jones_GFM_2015_106‘This weekend I have gained the confidence and belief to JUST DO IT! Quite possibly the best money I have ever spent’
Karen Newman – Filmmaker

‘It’s made me realize I have to answer the call to adventure. I’ve been too long resisting’
Jenny Page – Screenwriter

‘Might be the most definitive moment in my life!’
Michael Jennings – Filmmaker, Director

GFilm2015 075‘The connections I made were priceless!’
Michael Esteves – Writer, Producer

‘I initially thought it would be interesting as I have studied your books. However I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME as it was! It was truly a special weekend that I shall never forget. It has rejuvenated my passion and I feel I am in a good place again because of you. I will never forget that. Truly’
Marc Blaidd, Filmmaker

‘Thanks again for a kick ass event packed with great strategies and tactics!’
Bybreen Samuels

‘What a seismic weekend…’
Robert Gwynn Davies, Actor and Filmmaker

_MG_8358‘I’m at Heathrow about to return to South Africa. Thanks for the most fabulous workshop, I loved the emphasis on removing the mental blocks. I found it helpful for every aspect of my life, never mind just film making!’
Liesl, Filmmaker

‘Thank YOU. Best masterclass EVER.’
May D Gavini

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was an OUTSTANDING two days. Unforgettable. I’m sure any resurgence in the ailing British film industry will be largely down to you and your delightful team for giving us all the kick up the ass we need. Feel so privileged to have attended. Pandora’s box has opened! (In a good way!)’
Charlotte Essex, Screenwriter and Filmmaker

Chris Jones_GFM_2015_028‘This is an outstanding, motivational, intensive masterclass that I would recommend to all filmmakers’
Ed Sebastian – Writer

‘It promised a huge shot in the arm and delivered on every level! Where were you?!’
Mark Hampton – Actor, Writer, Director

Chris Jones_GFM_2015_001‘I am going home to write my career plan, something that I have never done. Realising I have more skills than I thought!’
Amy Livingstone – Writer

‘Amazing all round! I met loads of new contacts and have some more films coming up as a result!!’
Holly Jacobson – Director, Producer, Actor

‘I stood on stage with an arrow in my hand and I chose to trust Chris – and learned that if I act like a crazy person, other crazy people will follow!’
Ben Jacobson – Filmmaker

‘This course is essential for anyone who is serious about making films’
Kaley Jacobson – Filmmaker

‘An awesome, inspiring weekend filled with positive energy emanating from amazing people who just want to tell stories’
Dana Pierre – Screenwriter, Filmmaker

_MG_8569‘Chris is fabulous, he knows his stuff and his experience just shone through all the time. Worth every penny’.
Cassandra Adeneye – Filmmaker

‘Chris Jones’ energy was off the hook! Contagious and inspiring! Because of this workshop, I am now empowered to do my first documentary in Nigeria’
Lola Leigh – Producer

‘This weekend has reminded me and re-connected me with why I make films (which I didn’t realize I needed!)’
Dez Gray – Filmmaker, Director

‘No-one can fail to be inspired by the energy generated over this weekend! Boom!’
Q-Ell Betton – Filmmaker

Chris Jones_GFM_2015_082‘Out of this weekend I am now helping shoot a film on Monday when I was planning to go shopping for clothes before my flight home’
Alison Hogge – Writer

‘After two days of intense information and film talk my brain and body feel like jelly, I am absolutely knackered and I love it! I cannot wait for tomorrow and the continuation of the journey’
Adam Spring – Filmmaker

Chris Jones_GFM_2015_107‘Filmmaking is ultimately a collaboration of people, and events like GFMM are so good because they bring these like-minded people together and inspire them to be AWESOME!’
David Jacobson – Writer, Director

‘I have reconnected with the child inside that wanted to be He-Man. I HAVE THE POWER!’
Mike Jelves – Filmmaker

‘Guerilla Masterclass isn’t just filmmaking training, it’s a movement. If you’ve got courage, passion and commitment, you can be a part of it’
K T Parker – Writer

‘It’s lit a fire under my arse to go ahead and make my first dramatic short’
Alasdair Connell – Filmmaker, Critic

Chris Jones_GFM_2015_098‘Gonna get shit done! Got the week of work next week and it’s gonna be nothing but creativity’
James Raynor – Filmmaker

‘This was something I came to with no expectations and left feeling inspired – everyone should experience this course!’
Roberta Mitchell – Picture Editor, Researcher, Negotiator

‘I wish I’d attended this event 15 years ago; I think I could have saved myself many many years of frustration and anguish. Better late than never!’
Nish Udhian – Filmmaker, Writer, Director

GFilm2015 070‘Come prepared to fully engage and you will be highly rewarded!’
Jo Fox

‘Amazing two days, amazing knowledge, amazing networking opportunity, amazing step to get your films made’
Nick Harvey – Producer

‘I’m going to make a film!’
Clare Walter – Filmmaker

‘The contacts I have made will have my short film shot and in the can this year’
David Henry Fussell – Filmmaker

‘This event was inspiring for me as an aspiring young (14 yrs old) filmmaker. I now think that my films might get somewhere other than 3 views on YouTube!’
Spencer Fox – Filmmaker, Writer, Actor, Director

‘Immersion in filmmaking with peers has been invaluable at a time where I was doubting I could reignite my passion for my script. I really feel I’m back on track AND I’ve found another project I’m interested in’
Susannah Kudrath – Producer, Stills Photographer

‘This weekend has inspired me to move from Holland to London to find my new ‘peers circle’
Karine Pacaud – 3D Motion Graphics

Twitter Feedback

What a weekend! So many fantastic people. How’s your Monday shaping up fellow #GFilm filmmakers? Time for a spot of air guitar? 😉

Walking into work as a director this Morning with my wonder woman stance. Thank you CJ #GFilm

#GFilm #indiefilm #makeithappen Story telling, healing magicians leading the way to a brighter future!

@livingspiritpix thank you for a remarkable, inspiring and fun filled two days! #GFilm

Thank you to the team behind #GFilm and to the attendees – your own personal stories make creativity infectious.

I snapped an arrow with my throat! Utterly insane

What a fabulous, intense, information-overload day at #GFilm. @livingspiritpix, you are an inspiration! As is everyone else who attended

Thank you to Chris @livingspiritpix for a refreshing and bullshit-free weekend at #gfilm Feeling warm and fuzzy.

Quite possibly the most inspiring and empowering weekend ever! Thank you @livingspiritpix

@theJamesHughes I was at #Gfilm this weekend and as an actress & writer I felt so validated by the whole thing.

Big thanks to Chris Jones and everyone #GFilm. Inspiring weekend. next time I see you I’ll be making the feature film x @livingspiritpix


Thank you everyone who attended, it was a life changer!

Onwards and upwards!

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