We End By Beginning #LondonSWF

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When the London Screenwriters’ Festival comes to a close there’s always a sad tinge alongside the elation. We leave rooms full of cheers and comradeship, nerves and excitement, knowledge and rainmakers of the industry to return to our computers, to sit by ourselves and pull stuff out of our heads to put onto a page. It can seem lonely except for the fact that we’ve come from a massive screenwriting seminar with hundreds of people who understand why we do what we do.

The solitary business of screenwriting is made less so when we remember how many of us there are and that peer group doesn’t go away because a festival is over. The community may not be gathered in one place again until next year but in the meantime, we connect on Twitter (hashtag #LondonSWF) and Facebook and other social networks, information is shared on the blogs and all the delegates have access to the online LSF Connect community hub. Don’t just sign up, contribute and join in and you’ll find your support system there. Some of the seminars we didn’t get to see because there’s so much happening were recorded and will be edited and uploaded there.

One of the great things about the festival is the people who organise it, the staff and volunteers and the many speakers and industry folks who come and share their stories, knowledge, wisdom and humour with us all want us to leave with something valuable that helps us create. They all want us to succeed in our writing goals. Because writers make each other better.

Thank you to all for reading the blogs and Tweets and connecting with us during the festival. A peer community is made by everyone who contributes toward it even in the tiniest of ways. For those who contribute a lot there are not words to express your awesomeness! As we cheer our way out of the auditorium and back to our desks we don’t end with an ending. We end by beginning. With new enthusiasm, new knowledge and fresh insight to take with us, perhaps a Wonder Woman t-shirt or two, and we hope also some new friends.


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