What are the most popular sessions at the London Screenwriters’ Festival?


What are the most popular sessions at the London Screenwriters’ Festival?

Well ‘Withnail and I’ has already proven to be a big draw. Standing room only for the late comers to that session… HERE

We also have JAWS script to screen with Carl Gottlieb. And the original shooting script to share. Very cool… HERE


Then there is Christopher McQuarrie talking about his career from ‘The Usual Suspects’ to ‘Mission Impossible’… HERE

Super Agent Duncan Heath will be sharing his experience as one of the most influential players for twenty years… HERE

Stephen Frears is sure to give us an insightful session as well as a hugely entertaining one too… HERE

Of course we have the EVER awesome Pilar Alessandra doing two cracking screenwriting craft sessions. She is truly outstanding… HERE


And Breaking into Ch4: How to fast-track your way into TV Drama with Philp Shelley… HERE

It’s worth attending just for these sessions alone.

Plus there is also…

Nicole Perlman on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’
The British Screenwriters’ Awards
The Great British PitchFest
Getting under the skin and into the mind of your characters with Kira Anne Pelican
The Long Hard Journey to “YES”… (why we pass and why we don’t) with a CRAZY panel of peeps
Writing the OUTSTANDING Treatment for TV with Yvonne Grace
Creating rich and believable worlds your audiences won’t want to leave with Jeff Norton
How to create a TV series that runs and runs and runs with TV legend Phil Redmond


And we have another hundred or so workshops, seminars, networking events and opportunities at the festival too. We film most too so you get to catch up later.

But what makes LondonSWF SOOOO amazing are the other delegates, writers and filmmakers just like you. You will feel immediately home and leave unbelievable tired but astonishingly inspired. That’s a promise for the whole LSF team.


While the ticket is a lot of money for anyone, especially writers, it’s also ridiculous value for money and the LSF is rapidly becoming an essential focus date for the whole Screenwriting community.

See the full list of sessions HERE.
See the full list of speakers HERE
See the full schedule HERE
Read feedback from past festivals HERE
Get the full low lowdown on the festival HERE

When: October 23rd to 25th
Where: Regents University, Regents Park, London
How much: £338 (40 passes laft)
URL: www.LondonSWF.com

I look forward to seeing you for an unforgettable weekend.

Chris Jones
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