Join our THUNDERCLAP for ‘Twisted:50’

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What is a THUNDERCLAP? It’s a site the co-ordinates over 100 Facebook updates and Twitter updates at the same time in order to create a trending topic on Social Media.

How does it work?

You sign up – it takes about 60 seconds – and authorise Thunderclap to post JUST ONCE to your Facebook timeline and JUST ONE to your Twitter account.

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You get to see, edit and personalise the messages sent out on your timelines. And there is just one sent. No more.

We need 100 people to sign up to make the Thunderclap happen.

Follow this link to sign up…

The Thunderclap is scheduled for November 22 at 8:00pm GMT.

As with Create50, this is a grand marketing experiment. If it works, it’s a powerful and free tool we can all use for our projects and causes.

I will share all the data and analytics after the Thunderclap on November 22 so you will see how much value it was to the project.

So go on, spend 60 seconds and make a real difference to the Create50 community.

Chris Jones

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