Script To Screen LIVE! This Saturday on the BBC2 for ‘Papadopoulos & Sons’ (Nov 28th ’15)

Unknown-200x197I wanted to let you know about an extraordinary British Film called ‘Papadopoulos & Sons’ that is screening on BBC2 on Saturday night at 9:55.

Writer and Director Marcus Markou has been a regular at the festival, interviewing guests and directing at the Actors Table Reads. And he has shared the Shooting Script with us so you can read it now, or along with the film LIVE, to see how the final movie evolved from script to screen.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to get real insight into the evolution from page to screen for a huge British success story.

Kudos to Marcus for sharing the script with us.

You can download the shooting script HERE.

Marcus also recorded a podcast with us about his journey making the film and you can listen to that below.

You can also get a full breakdown of the budget and sales which Stephen Follows did with the full involvement of Marcus HERE.

Opportunities to get this kind of insight into a film don’t come around often, so take action, read the script and watch the film on Saturday night.

You can follow Marcus on Twitter @PapaSonsFilm for a live conversation during the film – use #LondonS2S to ask questions about the script and film and remember to copy Markus’ Twitter handle in too (@PapaSonsFilm).

Watch the Making Of below…

If I don’t see you before, I look forward to seeing you at the LondonSWF next year.

Chris Jones

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