Writers, what are you doing this weekend? Why not…


Why not write a 2,000 word Twisted tale for the ‘Twisted50’ initiative, to be published in the Spring as the first in a series of short story horror books.

The deadline is Monday night at midnight, so this weekend is the ideal opportunity to write that story that has been haunting your dreams…

More on Twisted50 HERE..

And read current entries and offer feedback HERE…

So want some reasons? Here seven killer reasons to get writing this weekend…

Writers write… Even if you are a screenwriter, writing for Twised50 will make you a better writer.

Exorcise the demon… We all have a dark side and this is your chance to get it out of the shadows and into the light (evil cackling)

We have an agent… The Twisted50 proposition is so strong, the book already has an agent who is working hard on the publishing and marketing plan for 2016.

Get published… The 50 best will be published in the Spring. The ones that don’t make it will be eligible for Twisted2, now scheduled for Halloween 2016.

Party party party! Come to a swanky book launch and awards in the Spring! Everyone is invited to com e and celebrate.

Be part of the launch… Everyone is encouraged to be part of the marketing push and book launch. You will learn marketing tricks, tactics and strategies that you can directly use in your own career.

Feedback and be part of the community… Create50 is a writing community and support group IN ACTION. We actively write stuff, feedback, rewrite and platform work. Be part of it. Together we are stronger.

Here’s some quotes from current writers about Create50…

‘Create50 is a fantastic collaborative community. I know of no similar opportunity for writers across the world to share and receive feedback on their work from such a diverse range of people and talents/levels. Personally, I have learned as much about writing from reading and reviewing other submissions, and receiving feedback. Most of the other participants seem genuinely supportive and encouraging which is part of Create50’s magic.’
Cynthia Johnson, Writer

‘Create50 is an amazing concept. I particularly like the community aspect and the right to reply to reviewers, and I love how supportive everyone is.’
Suzi Finlay, Writer

‘Everyone is so supportive’
Rachael Howard, Writer

‘Love this initiative!!! Love the Create50 team!!!’
Christina Stahle, Writer

‘Love it. Can’t recommend highly enough.’
Nick Twyford, Writer

So if horror and short prose is your thing, Twisted50 is your home for this weekend. Sign up here… Create50.

Get dreaming dark nightmares and write them down…

Chris Jones

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