Star Wars: The Force Awakes European Premiere

IMG_0294Last night I attended the European premiere of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

I loved the film and I am saying nothing about it.

What I wanted to share is the value of having an outstanding premiere for our films. Clearly Disney went to town on the Star Wars premiere and it was an amazing night out for everyone – and that’s the key – deliver an amazing night out.

On so many levels, a premiere is a wonderful celebration and ‘rite of passage’ for everyone involved. But it’s also an opportunity to claw back some money. It’s not a popular choice, but asking people to pay to attend the premiere is just a logical and necessary step for all but the deepest of pockets.

It’s folly to go into (further) debt for your premiere.

In my experience, once people understand the costs and time taken to organise an outstanding evenings entertainment, they are happy to chip in their part – and will often bring friend or six. As one successful entrepreneur put it to me once ‘are you kidding, £20 to go to a red carpet premiere in London? That’s a cheap night out.’ And looking at the Vue website for Star Wars tickets, they were right – it’s close to £40 for two tickets to see the film over the weekend. No red carpet, no photographers…

I wrote another blog about how to organise a successful premiere HERE when we ran one for ’50 Kisses’. And if you want to come to one of ours, we are premiering Judys short film ‘Be Heard’ in January. You can read more about it and get your tickets to the BAFTA event HERE.

Onwards and upwards!

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