Create50: The Impact… Can you write a two page script? Deadline looming

content_impactIf you have not yet submitted your script to The Impact, time is running out for both you… and humanity! MORE HERE

With the opening scene written by Joe Eszterhas, fifty other writers will share a screen credit with him on the final feature film ‘The Impact’. That is pretty damn cool.

So… can you write a killer two page script about what people would do if they had just two hours left before and asteroid impacted the planet? That’s what The Impact is about, and if you are a screenwriter, you should really consider writing a script and getting involved.

DSC0122Based on the already hugely successful template we designed for 50 Kisses (which ended up winning awards, getting into cinemas and even landing the writers in the Guinness Book Of Records), The Impact has already wildly exceeded expectations for those involved. As one screenwriter put it ‘It’s like film school for a fiver’.

So why should YOU get involved?

Because it will make you a better writer.
This has been reported by many many writers who really ‘get’ that the value of both giving and receiving feedback is extraordinary – and working on micro scripts of two pages, development (both script and personal craft) is extremely rapid.

Because you will get feedback. Lot’s of feedback.
Create50 is built on the principle of feedback in order to improve your work. No other initiative that we know of is like this.

Low barrier to entry
We ask for £5 per script. And you don’t just post your work and hope…. You post and get feedback and the opportunity to redraft. And be warned, because it works so well it’s addictive. Some of our readers have written feedback on over 1,000 scripts now.

Fifty will get produced
The final fifty scripts will be opened up to filmmakers across the planet. Right now we are expecting about 400 films to be produced. We edit the best into a feature film that goes into cinemas, on TV and online. Write a great two page script and it could well be your work that ends up on the big screen.

Above all, do it because taking action like this will get results that are impossible to quantify – experience, new relationships, new opportunities and a MASSIVE reason to write NOW.

What to do next…?

Jump over to and create a profile.

Read Impact guidelines HERE.

Read submissions HERE.

Take action as there is just over two weeks left, and write an extraordinary two page script.

Onwards and upwards!

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