Listen to Joseph Campbell Lectures: The Power of Myth and Storytelling online and free


Anyone who has seen me speak at the London Screenwriters’ Festival or come to the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass will know that I hold in high regard the ‘heros journey’ story model.

It was first and most comprehensively written about by Joseph Campbell (and famously plundered by George Lucas with Star Wars).

Many story models are useful, but many are also very rigid and highly structured. In contrast the heros journey is flexible and fluid and for me it feels more like a set of principles and not a set of rules.

I just came across this archive of lectures from the man himself and I have begun the journey of listening to them myself. Listen to the first below via Spotify.

And listen to the entire series on Spotify HERE.

I hope you find them as insightful as I have done.

Onwards and upwards!

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