Top Ten Tips for Crowdfunding Your Feature Film by Stephen Follows

1458828300We filmed this short video with Stephen Follows last week to offer a glimpse into what you can expect at his two day masterclass next month (

It’s amazing when you consider that Kickstarter has now raised over $1bn for indie filmmakers. Let that number settle for a moment. Then ask ‘why don’t I have a piece of that pie?’

In the video Stephen offers tips on…

  1. Ask for what you NEED and you are likely to succeed
  2. How long should your campaign be? The proven sweet spot
  3. Why the day you end your campaign is SO important
  4. It’s not how much you need, it’s how many backers will make it happen?
  5. The single biggest factor in Crowdfunding success
  6. Why you MUST be in your own campaign video
  7. Why being funny in your campaign will reap rewards
  8. Is your video the optimum length? What is the sweet spot?
  9. What is the correlation between number of awards and campaign success?
  10. Why you MUST back other people’s campaigns for your own success
  11. And finally, as a bonus, a top secret way to save 10% on your crowdfunding fees

The bottom line is Crowdfunding is the best way for 90% of filmmakers to get finnanced. See you on the course.

Onwards and upwards!

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