This short film has just been shared 36 times (update 72 times in 24 hours) from my Facebook feed… Why?

Yes, it’s a short film about a girl underwater, who farts. Twice. It’s remarkable. That’s why it has been shared and commented on so much.

In all seriousness, what can we learn from this flatulent success? Because at the end of the day, my work, your work, all our work, is up against this film and others that are also remarkable. So why did it get shared so much?

It’s funny
Certainly, in the interweb age, ‘funny’ will always get a click. Fundamentally, it want’s to entertain us and we know it, and so we give it our time. So… does mine or work have such a passion to entertain?

It’s short and to the point
It asks ONLY the amount of time needed and not one second more. Is our work as lean?

It tells the truth
We all fart. And great art shines a light on a truth not everyone wants to confront. Does our work tell the truth also?

It has contrast
Human beings love contrast, big and small, black and white, good and evil, sweet and sour… Here we have artistic images and music that contrast with the vulgar truth of farting. It just works. Where in our own work is the contrast?

It pushes boundaries
All great art pushes boundaries, breaks taboos… This gently nudges a social boundary and does it with a knowing smile. And we are all won over by the audaciousness. Where in our work can we push boundaries further?

It’s immediately accessible.
Immediately. Is our work as accessible?

It’s executed with artistic flair
And finally, there is some art going on. It’s a ‘classical’ ass, wonderfully lit and graded, with slow motion and slow motion sound. It’s not just some kid farting in a swimming pool on holiday. It’s quite beautiful. The music backs up the ‘art’ as well as contrasting wonderfully too.

Who knew I could write this many words about a girl farting under water.

PS – I do hope that as, icing on the cake, this is an old school practical special effect with a hose and some air. To go to such lengths would be awesome. Though Occam’s razor does come to mind.

Onwards and upwards!

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