Did you know there is a new version of Avid Media Composer… And it’s TOTALLY FREE

“I can probably cut Better Call Saul on this… and it’s free, wow!”
Kelley Dixon, ACE, editor Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad

I am a long term user of Avid and they have just released a new version of Media Composer that is free to download and use – Media Composer | First.

Many years ago I consulted with Avid about engaging new filmmakers and I suggested a fully functional and free version was the way to go. They didn’t go with the idea then and Apple pretty much had their lunch (before Apple self imploded with Final Cut Pro X). Since then Apple has regained ground lost, and Adobe and others (such as Lightworks and Davinci Resolve) have filled the astonishing void that was still left by Avid.

So I am personally excited to see what Media Composer | First can deliver. And whether it’s a truly credible tool for cash strapped indie filmmakers.

You can download it now from their site HERE.

Thanks to my editor buddy Simon Reglar for sharing the link.

I am sure there will be some limitations, but for now, I am going to download and try it out – please do share your experiences below.

Onwards and upwards!

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