One killer tip to make you unforgettable in any pitch or casual industry meeting (and in a good way).

This is just one tip I picked up from Bob Schultz when I was on his one day masterclass on pitching, creating relationships with producers

When you meet anyone powerful, and you have any kind of meaningful exchange, setup a Google Alert in their name that night (not the following day as you will likely forget).

Google Alerts are a free service from Google and will send you an email whenever this person becomes ‘newsworthy’. This could be a new job promotion, a project getting greenlit, a stand out screening etc.

Assuming you got their email when you met (and you should have), you can then just drop them an email and say ‘Hey congratulations one X Y and Z, we met at ABC if you recall.’ If you have any recent good news you could share that VERY succinctly too, ‘I just sold that project to Z producer’ or ‘My short script was produced last year’ etc.

Keep it short and focus all about THEM and the relationship.

Now imagine doing that with 200 people, or 500 or even 1,000?

Many people will write back and say thanks for the message. Many won’t. Either way you have got back on their radar at a good time in their lives and at the very least you now look media savy for knowing about their good news – and that’s a good thing.

Sometimes, they may say ‘hey what happened to that project we talked about?’ or ‘can I see your short film’ etc. That’s a win right there. And all you did was set up a Google alert and respond to their good news.

Remember, talent is great but relationships get you hired.

Onwards and upwards!

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