Create50, Twisted50, Impact50 and Singularity50 Updates

As many of you will know, the whole team has spent the last few months running the London Screenwriters’ Festival. We have now wrapped and are about to take a short break before returning to Create50.

Right now we are doing some much needed web maintenance and migrating servers as the ones we are on are way too expensive. Create50 runs on good will and thrifty economics, so do bear with us as we make the move.

By the end of October we will have announced clear timelines for all three active Create50 initiatives with book launches for Singularity50 and Twisted50 and closing dates and editing timelines for Impact50.

If you are still redrafting your Singularity50 story, you can upload when we have moved servers. It likely wont let you do it just now. I will mail when we have moved home.

Twisted50, you may still get notes from our editing team, so if you do, take action and follow instructions.

Singularity50 contracts have not yet been issued but will by the end of the month.

Impact50, we will be uploading and updating over the next couple of days. If your production or information have slipped through the cracks, send us an email and we will get it fixed. Again feel free to write a blog with any on set photos attached.

OK… We are coming out of hypersleep! Buckle up!

Onwards and upwards!

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