100% of successful film maker cracked this problem… Distribution… Join us for the Distribution Summit 2017

Everyone can come up with a great idea, but not everyone can make that idea into a script, then find resources and people to make that script into a film.

If you are reading this, then you are likely either prepping a film, or in post production. And this means that the BIGGEST hurdle still awaits.


And all successful filmmakers overcome this hurdle, by far the most challenging stage of their journey.

This is why I have chosen to set up this event, the Film Distribution Summit, so that the community of indie filmmakers, distributors and sales agents can come together and have an open and frank inquiry into the state of distribution, new trends, cunning tactics and proven strategies that get films, sold, seen and distributed today.

We are living through an extraordinary evolution revolution in filmmaking and distribution and we want this weekend to be a game changer for the participants and community.

We have gathered around 20 expert speakers, from filmmakers to distributors, to exhibitors… even movie poster designers… so you can learn from those who are doing it RIGHT NOW.

Join us for perhaps the most important weekend in your filmmaking / entrepreneurial journey. Passes are £139 but you can get £50 off with the code DISTRIBUTION17.

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Chris Jones

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