Genesis of our Santa Hit Film… Not many people know about this but I do a lot of Santa work…

Not many people know about this but I do a lot of Santa work around Christmas, for the local kids.

It all grew out of my very first seasonal job when I was 15, that of Stunt Santa for the local department stores in the North West of England. It would be me that arrived on the fire engine, open top bus, helicopter etc, then pass through the enormous gathering of kids and parents, before being switched out for the real (well at least, older) Santa for the grotto experience and photos. Theatre and illusion and EVERYONE loved it. It really was a big thing back then.

This was the inspiration for charity Xmas film we made this year, launched a few weeks ago, which has now passed a million views across platforms and various edits.

These pictures here are of me from the eighties. I still use the same Santa costume and we also used it in the film too.

If you spend time with older members of your family this Xmas, give the film a watch, it has a and important message about keeping mobile, and more importantly, it will give you and everyone who watches with you a love punch in the feels. Promise.

You can watch it on Facebook here…

And on Youtube / My blog here……/watch-our-christmas-film-ne…

Do feel free to share too as the message is important.
Here’s to a wonderful few days… And an exceptional new year.

Onwards and upwards!

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