Talent Campus 5.0… First feedback comments from shell shocked screenwriters

We just ran our fifth Talent Campus and the first emailed fedback is coming in. If you want to know more abotu Talent Campus 6.0 and apply, you can do that HERE.

‘Utterly transformative week. I am so tired I could (and may) sleep for a week, but my god it’s been monumental’
Angela Clarke, Author

‘It was creative, intense, emotional and at times terrifying. And absolutely worth it’
Mathew White, Screenwriter

‘Jump in. The water’s cold till you get right in. Then you won’t want to get out.’
Teresa Bailey, Screenwriter

‘It’s like a glass of Beroca with an espresso chaser’
Merlin Goldman, Screenwirter

‘Blown away, I’ve felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz from day one and I haven’t stopped spinning yet’
Chris Lang, Screenwriter

‘I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect before I came to TC, but everybody I knew who’d had anything to do with it had said it was awesome. I had some pretty fixed ideas about my capabilities as a writer, and in which direction I was planning to go. By the end of the first day, both had been overturned and upended. In just a few days, I had a much greater understanding of the working industry, what it’s looking for, and what it takes to make it. Not in a high-level ‘you must work hard’ way, but in a genuine deep dive understanding of what producers and commissioners are looking for. I think it would’ve taken me years to compile that knowledge and information myself. It’s like being catapulted forwards. Invigorating, inspiring, and bloody nail-biting!’
Angela Clarke / Writer

‘I have never felt so awake. Talent Campus 5.0 was a life changing experience. I’ve learned so much and made such amazing friends over the past six days, and discovered truths about myself that never occurred to me. By the end I felt like Ebeneezer Scrooge waking up on Christmas Day – a better writer and better person!‘
James Alexander, Screenwriter

‘I had expected something demanding and challenging. What I experienced was way beyond what I  could have imagined. The demands and challenges, it emerged, were all to do with my own fears of my limitations as a writer. I have never been through such a thought provoking and stimulating event where, along with fear, I experienced holding in mind and containment  as never before. My confidence as a writer has bloomed way beyond what I thought I was capable of.’
Teresa Bailey, Screenwriter

‘Talent Campus has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life. I expected there to be some confidence building, meeting some peers, you know, like LSF. Boy, was I wrong. It was even better. WAY BETTER. I did things I’d never thought I’d do before. Usually when I do things I didn’t intend on doing, it leads to embarrassment or regret. Not at Talent Campus. I felt proud, I felt empowered, and I’d do it all again. Sharing my writing passion with peers felt so good. It always does, but in this more intimate setting, it blew my mind.’
Susan Vermeer, Screenwriters

‘Talent Campus gives you a bunch of buddies who will root for you and pick you up when you stumble, just as you would do the same for them.  It’s a collaboration of kindness, willingness and motivation. Do it, you’ll surprise yourself. I know I did.’
Mari Vindis, Screenwriter

‘The whole experience took me to places I would never imagine going. It shifted me to the next level and re-ignited trust, confidence, hope and gave me wings to fly. It was life changing.’
Deborah Hodgetts, Screenwriter

‘I was reluctant to apply as I thought I’d never be offered a place. I’m sooooo pleased I ignored my inner misery gremlin. I loved it. I met some gifted and talented people, heard from professionals at the top of their game and was treated to delicious daily doses of challenges, fun, focus and inspiration’
Teresa Bailey, Screenwriter

‘Talent Campus ended three days ago and I’m still absolutely buzzing. Holy shit, I had no idea how much I would grow/learn/change over the course of the week. I fancy myself a fairly bold, confident person, but TC helped show me just how much fear was still in control of my life. I started the experience as one of those introverts who prides themselves on how much they don’t need people, but that was just fear of rejection talking. I don’t think I would have figured that out so profoundly without Talent Campus. I learned just how much my own brain was stopping me from experiencing the joy of this career and I got practical methods to help dismantle that fear. I feel like a new person and a new writer and I know that that thanks to TC. Next year is going to look radically different and about a million times more exciting than it would have otherwise.’
Aydrea Walden, Screenwriter, Los Angeles

‘The whole event is like a huge invitation and reminder to ‘seize the day’
Desi Lyon, Screenwriter 

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‘Talent Campus is everything you expect from a professional course but so much more. Expect it to change your work, your confidence and your ability to succeed. I am planning to do things this year that I would have never even considered without this Talent Campus.  So a word or warning, don’t even consider applying if you don’t want it to change your life.’
Jacqueline Davis, Screenwriter

‘Thank you to you and your team for the most amazing, transforming week I’ve ever had! You are an inspiration, a facilitator of dreams and total hero! The TC experience and love continues in the What’sApp group which is awesome and certainly helping with life on the outside! I am now a fearless screenwriting warrior – the future is now full of possibilities. Enormous, heartfelt thanks’
Ros Jones, Screenwriter

‘I was expecting Talent Campus to help with me with my writing but I wasn’t expecting it to challenge who I was in such a profound way. Any fear-factor I had has been wiped away and I’ve emerged a much stronger person with an absolute self-belief in myself as a screenwriter’
Fiona Hunniset, Screenwriter

You can apply for Talent Campus 6.0 HERE.

On a personal note, it was a challenge AND a privileged to run Talent Campus 5.0. Only directing feature films pushes me SO far out of my own comfort zone, and the energy generated when I do, makes the whole experience fizzle for me. Awesome.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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