Can you write a 500 word children’s bedtime story for Christmas?


This Christmas I am inviting you to write a bedtime story for children. Are you in?

We want to create some magic for families around the world and get all of us… imagining, dreaming, creating, writing, rewriting, peer reviewing… and all on a short timescale and low word count.

We will select 25 of the best stories and make them into a book, as well as have our very own Santa make a bedtime story video of each, a video that is free to all children this Christmas.

We want to shine some light into the shadows of 2020 through the act of creating and sharing something magical.

And all of this needs to be ready BEFORE December 1st!

The deadline is short because the project came into existence only two days ago!

So again, are you in?

The deadline is next Friday, November 20th at midnight. The entry fee is £5.

Your story should be no more than 500 words. Of course it’s a Christmas bedtime story for children too. It needs a title too, and of course your name (pen name if you use one).

We have tentatively titled the book ‘Santa’s Bedtime Book of Adventure Stories’, but we may re-title if the stories lean in other directions.

Peer review is encouraged and we have a Facebook page setup to help this process here…

We are also launching a Zoom style Santa video calls experience – expect more on that next week. But you will see this on the website too.

OK let’s all get imagining, writing, peer reviewing and submitting.

How exciting!

You can get more specifics on the website and also submit there…

Onwards and upwards!

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