Support an AMAZING Woman on a Mission To Elevate Her Community and by Extension Change The World

Maureen Hascoet de Cuestas is an extraordinary woman.

I have known her for fifteen years now, we have worked together on many events. We have continued to support each other whenever things got tough. Often we needed just a safe place to talk and find solutions to what often felt like impossible challenges.  

Maureen is a fighter too. It’s not my place to share, but believe me when I say that she had faced down more than her fair share or challenges on all fronts. I don’t think she often recognises how the odds are stacked against her. She just marches one.

She also runs TEDxCumbernauldWomen, one of only two Women only TEDx conferences in the UK this year, and the only one last year. So she is pioneering. From what I understand, her last one was the first Women only TEDx in the UK for eight years.  

With Covid, work dried up and she had to return her laptop. And she lost her income too… like so many of us, she has struggled over the last six months.

I spoke with her a few months back and she shared with me that she was going to do another TEDx… She needed it. She felt passionately that her community needed it. And maybe the world needed it too.

And this one is rather aptly under the TEDx moniker, TEDx Fearless Women.

It’s who she is, it’s what she is standing for and it’s happening online on the 22nd of this month.

With no laptop, her entire office is now her smartphone.

The event will take place on a stage in Glasgow, the speakers will all be filmed properly and livestreamed right to you living room.

You can watch the video form the last TEDx she ran last year and you will see what you are in for. You can see the speakers at this one HERE.

Due to TEDx rules, she can only sell 100 tickets… So let’s help get her sold out TODAY! Tickets are £20. You can buy your pass directly below here… or go to the Website here…

I hope to see you online for an outstanding day that will elevate the heart, mind and soul…

Onwards and upwards!

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