Screenwriters, here’s how we are going to make February the BEST month of 2021…

I just spent five days deep inside an Arts Council Grant Application for the Festival, but in parallel the team has been ridiculously productive—launching new sessions, announcing new speakers and elevating the whole of February from Awesome to… even Awesomer!

We planned the festival for February as we could see that on all fronts it could be a challenging time for us all, with so much uncertainty (and, you know, the damn mundane apocalypse).

So let me offer you some outstanding certainty!

We are running our February Festival for screenwriters from Feb 5th to 28th, with nearly 100 events and over 50 speakers. All are both LIVE and On Demand to watch at your convenience for one year. Here’s what you can expect…

  • Get inspired daily… so you will write more productively.
  • Get writing craft insight and breakthroughs daily… so your writing and screenplays are improved.
  • See the road ahead more clearly… so you can better prepare for the new world, rules and industry we are ALL living into.
  • Connect with people like you daily… you WILL make new friends, and make contacts that will help you on YOUR journey.
  • Wake up EXCITED… every day will be an exhilarating adventure into creativity, imagination, storytelling and shared experiences.

Look. I don’t know anyone who isn’t suffering in one way or another. Financially, mentally, physically or just our old friend nagging in our head about ‘what the hell is going on, how will we get through it, what is on the other side?’

So join us from Feb 5th to 28th when we can come together, celebrate, elevate and create our future together. We have worked our asses off to create this magical experience for you—to help you, and all of us—through this time.

And I know this too: if we can ALL elevate ourselves in February, those around us will feel that energy, excitement and passion. It will help them face their own feelings about getting through each day. And isn’t that what we do? We tell stories to help people through their lives. Truth is, that is our calling and sacred duty.

OK… So yes, we have the screenwriters of Captain Marvel and Inside Out, Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna, joining us. Also we have Ann Druyan who wrote Contact with her husband, the late Carl Sagan, talking Science FACTion. And… Kate Brooke on a career writing hit shows like A Discovery of Witches, and… oh look, we have SO many people, just head over and check out the speakers here…

And the schedule here….

So yes, we do have amazeballs speakers and sessions, but it’s the immersion for the month that will make the difference.
Passes are £60 for full access both live and on-demand afterward. The chatter and friendships forged during the live experience alone are worth joining for… Sign up here…

We have designed February to be the best month of the year! It’s bold. It’s ambitious. It’s damn-well audacious. Join in, you won’t regret it. So yeah, Awesomer. Promise.

Chris Jones
Captain of the London Screenwriters’ Festival

Here’s some feedback from LondonSWF365 last year…

‘Amazing. My knowledge and appreciation of the craft has improved tenfold. My learning has accelerated more in the past month than in the past year. The London SWF 365 has proved to be an absolute goldmine – cannot praise it highly enough! Well done Mr. Jones and your amazing team for making this incredible event happen in such a reliable and affordable way.’
Darren Grenfell, Screenwriter

‘The festival experience has been a thousand times bigger than I expected, but also a million times closer and more friendly than something this big has any right to be. An amazing collection of writers, film-makers and educators on my computer and in my ears. And I’ve made new friends, and found new heroes. Thank you to the whole team!’
Matthew White, Screenwriter

‘It has come as a breath of inspirational fresh air! Considering what’s been going on in the outside world, this has been the pick me up that I needed and reminded me what a special place the Festival creates for everyone. Thank you all as you’ve adapted and worked your socks off every day to improve it from session to session!!!’
Hector Figueroa, Screenwriter

‘This was my first time attending LSF as I finally felt like I could afford it. It has been wonderful getting to interact with other writers and I feel like I have learnt a lot. It has also helped to build my confidence in who I am as a writer and to not be scared about getting my work out there.’
Helen Ward, Screenwriter


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