I think I’m gonna need a bigger notebook! LondonSWF365 exceeding even our hopes…

One week in and not we are not even a third of the way there… LondonSWF365 seems to be doing exactly what we had hoped… Elevating energy, inspiring action, feeding the creative soul, loading the mind, and connecting like minded folk with their tribe. It’s exceeding even my own expectations and I had VERY high ones!

There is still time to join and ALL sessions are recorded and available online for one year. Use the code ELEVATE to get £10 off and get immediate access… Schedule HERE and speakers HERE.


Here’s what people are saying one week in…

‘I think I’m gonna need a bigger notebook.’
Pea Woodruff // Writer, Filmmaker

‘I love the mixture of the inspirational and the contemplative. The generosity of the screenwriters to share their expertise and compassion for up and coming writers is humbling. More than ever I see how important the festival is for writers – it should be essential treatment for mental well-being for creatives.’
Lucy Van Smit // Writer, Author, Filmmaker, Documentary Maker

‘Having Pros at the top of their game available to us for questions and inspiration is amazing! The vibe is off the dial! I’m having a great time, and during a lockdown, that’s pretty incredible!’
Lynn Mueting // Writer

‘LondonSWF365 is absolutely what I need right now. The team have brought together a mixture of fun, inspiration, and support all stirred up with a serious measure of hope. Can’t wait for all the new views, new horizons and new journeys.’
Bobby Stevenson // Writer

‘LondonSWF365 is so motivating and educational. I am learning so much that I’m going to need an external hard drive for my brain soon to store all the useful information that I’ve amassed in the last four days.’
Suzanne Reddi // Writer

‘I feel so blessed that I took the decision to attend LondonSWF365. I’ve already started to write down everything I can imagine, an activity I was too afraid to trust before. I’ve also met so many wonderful people through the festival!’
Zoe Sigalou // Actress, Writer 

‘The festival has energized me and I’m loving the variety of choices that are available.’
Yvonne Potter // Researcher, Screenwriter 

‘The programming is incredibly well spaced and carefully sequenced.’
Cathy Brooks-Baket // Researcher, Writer 

‘I love the passion, energy, thoughts and effort put behind each session. I hope that this is a model for future festivals which allows so many more people to take part. It is also really helpful for me to listen and learn from those who have experienced and lived through a variety of moments in their career.’
George Watson // Filmmaker

‘There’s an excellent range of speakers sharing very good information. I loved the very positive real-life pitching advice in the Jonathan Butler and Gabriel Garza session (The Flash) and now I’m thinking of following that route and going to LA, which I possibly wouldn’t have thought of without LondonSWF365. I find three sessions a day spread out over a month is much better than a packed weekend too. And as always with LondonSWF, I am inspired!’
John Perry // Producer

‘LondonSWF365 has such a variety of talks and sessions. There are so many tips I am going to take on to make my writing better.’
Kath Kirkland // Writer

‘LondonSWF365 offers the perfect incentive for film ideas that I’ve had spinning around in my head for a while.’
Julie Sandwell // Screenwriter

‘I’ve attended everything so far and every speaker has been inspiring as well as practical. I’ve emailed a group of 40 people and raved about the festival and told them to book now!’
Anna Littler// Film and theatre maker

‘Because of attending LondonSWF365, I’m now writing a sequel I never thought I would do.
James Allen // Screenwriter, Director

‘I must say it’s great that LondonSWF365 have put everything online and the website is easy to use. I have caring responsibilities so it would be hard for me to travel to London even without a pandemic.’
James Turner // Filmmaker

‘Overall, I feel more energized about my projects after listening to gifted artists speak from the heart. It is genuinely uplifting, inspiring and leaves me feeling optimistic about the future.’
Eddie McFadden // Screenwriter

‘Attending LondonSWF365 has definitely reinvigorated me and made me feel I can actually do this.
Annette Smith // Writer, Filmmaker, Actor

‘I’ve never been to an online conference were everything was running so smoothly. Thanks so much for everything!’
Anonymous // Screenwriter

‘LondonSWF365 makes me want to roll up my sleeves and write.’
Eileen Wilson // Screenwriter

‘I am so happy I joined this festival and already recommended it to many friends and colleagues. It´s inspiring, insightful, honest, helpful, generous and just brilliant!’
Miriam Duessel // Producer

‘The online LondonSWF365, like its predecessor, has a kind of greatness to it. It addresses the breadth of skills a writer needs, pays attention the more personal aspects such as networking and maintains confidence that many might naturally shy away from, and above all shows a huge and supportive generosity of spirit in the understanding, advice and encouragement given by its speakers and organisers.’
John Herbert // Writer

‘It’s been great to watch, learn, listen and talk to so many people who have had experiences in the industry and are so kind and supportive of others. I have learned a lot about where to start, get feedback, and take part in competitions. As someone who lacks confidence, getting more direction has been very useful for me.’
Charles Nelson // Charity Worker With Dreams

‘Last year I’ve already learned more in a month than in the 10 years before… This time I’m even more motivated!!! LSF is a bubble of happiness and hope!’
Julie Bertrand // Screenwriter

‘I make time as much as I can beside work to attend the sessions. So inspiring and motivating to get stuff done!’
Nathalie Wechsler-Seibel // Writer

‘The main thing I’ve taken so far is that I need to put myself out there a lot more. I am inspired by how the Pro’s pursuit to get their work in the right hands to be seen and heard. I don’t think that message is reinforced enough on the way up so its great hearing it out of every single one of them.’
Stephen Cooper // Scriptwriter, Photographer, Filmmaker

‘The festival has given me a much broader and in-depth understanding of the craft – of the whole process of film making in general. Every session brings new thoughts and ideas. To have full online access to such a high-level and professional event for the price of a pair of trainers is amazing – I don’t know how you do it, but I’m extremely glad that you do. I don’t want the festival to ever end!’
Darren Grenfell // Screenwriter

‘LondonSWF365 feels like a real re-boot in terms of creativity. I especially appreciate the new component on mental health. I feel optimistic and raring to go.’
Chantal Schaul // Writer

‘Loving the festival as it always feels like coming home. I always learn something new from the speakers as they inspire me to dig deeper into my stories and go the extra mile.’
Cera Rose Pickering // Screenwriter, Actress, Novelist

‘A huge variety in speakers, and something to learn from each and every one of them. I’ve come away from those sessions in absolute awe and with a renewed commitment to keep going with my writing after two very dark years. I love the emphasis on well-being too; it’s so appropriate and so needed. While it does principally cater for newbie writers, the festival is a wonderful event for more experienced writers too. Whether it’s to refresh what you already know, or maybe consider it from a different angle so that you come away with a valuable new twist, or to take advantage of the opportunity to delve into something you might not normally embrace, the festival is unmissable.’
KT Parker // Writer

‘LondonSWF365 is making me start to work on some ideas that I have left behind due to lack of confidence. The general tone of “just write whatever is in you” has been amazing!’
Gordon Slack // Writer

‘To be able to watch the recordings afterwards is great, so the schedule doesn’t tie you up. Also the zooms where you can meet and talk with colleagues is very important, not only during these strange times, but in general as well since this work makes you feel rather lonesome at times. Plus all the advice and information I take with me from the sessions push me forward, and hopefully opens up more possibilities.’
Kaisa El Ramly // Writer Director

‘LondonSWF365 gives me something to look forward to every day.’
Jean Buchanan // Writer

‘LondonSWF365 has me feeling great about how much power a story holds and how we can get our stories out into the world. So much inspiration abounds- I’ll be making films on my iPhone before this Festival is over! I’m in the US, but I have been able to attend almost everything live, and I love how quickly you post everything so that even if I “miss” it, I don’t feel left out for long. I have encouraged my friends who write short stories and novels to give LondonSWF365 a try (I loved the last one!) because it gives a new perspective on writing and character that is more immediate. I found that after the last LSF I went back to my novel and was able to really get in and change the structure of it, resulting in a much stronger work. After all those years of studying fiction, I didn’t have the right structure, but then I got into the festival (it’s almost like an immersion class, how we all just jump in and hear from so many brilliant people), and as if by magic, I absorbed something that just intuitively taught me what was wrong with the book, and how to restart with a scene that showed the characters with an immediate external goal that now runs throughout the book, helping the characters develop as they also go about with their more internal goals. THANK YOU for allowing us all to drop in on so many lessons and conversations that give us the hidden keys that give us the power to unlock meaningful stories. LondonSWF365 is the BEST!!!’
Stephanie Robinson // Writer

‘You know how when you’re decorating you’ll go to a wallpaper shop? If it’s a good shop the people there will recommend the best paper for your walls and have all the other things you need for your unique rooms. Well LondonSWF365 is your one stop shop for all your decorating (of scripts) needs. When I signed up I thought I’d talk about my wallpaper, and ask for advice on paste, scissors etc. Instead they have done something I wasn’t expecting. I’ve come through their online doors, and in their sessions they’ve obviously talked about wallpaper, but the most important thing to me during this time is them asking how I’m coping with my creativity at this point and how that affects my decorating? A huge question I’ve barely let myself think about during a time when I’ve been at my least creative with empty rooms waiting for fresh colour.

Their sessions have helped me think about the rooms I’m working on. Have I done my prep work, or do I have smooth enough walls with no remnants of old anaglypta, which could ultimately cause my wallpaper not to adhere, and lead to a wastage of time and paper. They’ve helped me think about whether I’m ready to do the wee bathroom, the full house or what feels like a castle renovation.

All of this they have crammed in in such a short space of time, with guidance from the most amazing decorators who are at the top of their game. The scope, colour and brilliance of the LondonSWF365 rooms I’ve visited in the past five days have given me a much needed impetus to set up my pasting table, unfurl my paper and use the sharp scissors I feel like they’ve handed me through their enlightening sessions.
So… if you’re like me and want to get the most out of your decorating then click on the link and join a whole host of worldwide screenwriters hearing about the things we didn’t know we didn’t know about bringing our rooms to life.

Katie White // Writer, Filmmaker

Onwards and upwards!

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