So it seems we have managed to achieve the impossible… Make Zooms and Online Sessions Exhilarating, Exciting and Fun!

The feedback from the first couple of days at LondonSWF365 is in and it’s bonkers good! I am delighted as we have worked really hard to make it high energy and exciting so as to enhance the learning, opportunities and experience of everyone attending.

All sessions are recorded to watch later, so you can still join and not miss out on anything. With 20 days of live events ahead of us, it’s still the best £60 you can spend in February… Sign up here…

And here’s what people are saying…

‘Fantastic. Great information, really well produced technically. Do it! Do it now!’
Kristan Tetens / Screenwriter

‘Talk about setting a high bar! There are a dozen events each worth the price of admission. But to add to the value there’s access to recorded sessions, downloads, and social events. If you’re looking for courage, and community, LSF is the place to be.’
Pea Woodruff / Writer Filmmaker

‘Such an amazing insight and it’s only day two!’
Matt Crofts / Writer and filmmaker

‘So inspiring. Looking forward to the rest of the festival.’
Alastair Marshall / Writer/director

‘Uplifting. Exciting. Informal. Easy going. A lot going on. Glad I signed up, it will keep me in raised spirits.’
Claire Doyle / Writer

‘Very friendly and inspirational.’
Rebecca Robinson / Screenwriter

‘I particularly enjoyed Scott Myers lecture on ‘rule breaking’. It is great to have complete control over the sessions: stop, go back, reflect, return.’
Woody Harding / Screenwriter

‘Don’t hesitate and sign up for the festival. It’s “education x entertainment” and unbelievable value for money.’
Eddie McFadden / Screenwriter

‘Wonderfully inspiring! It’s great fun, excellent value for money’
Carina Krause / Writer

‘Exciting and well structured. Great variety of webinars so far!’
Abi Smith / Screenwriter

‘It’s just been wonderful- so inspiring and thought provoking! Thank you as always for this! 2021 already feels brighter, and the world a bit kinder and more creative and full of joy thanks to everyone involved. I just can’t recommend the festival enough!’
Varsha Shah / Writer

‘Inspiring. Infectious enthusiasm to make you want to sink your teeth back into your writing. So, nice to get up with LSF to look forward to and nice to see Speakers as one of the gang like the rest if us. Do it. It will be £60 well spent!’
Eileen Wilson, Screenwriter

‘Lots of energy and we all need that at the moment. At £60 you get workshops, talks, chances to chat to those in the know, networking, pitching chances, soooo much.’
Rachael Howard / Writer

‘Terrific content, technically going great. Enough sessions in the day, not too many, not too little. Best value for money around.’
Leslie Grice / Screenwriter

‘It’s been great, packed with inspiration and insights and delivered with such high energy. I deeply appreciate it and look forward to participate throughout the month! THANK YOU for putting all this together. Come join the fun – totally worth it!’
Anna / Writer

‘Good stuff! Do it!’
Annemarie Flanagan / Writer/ Film Festival Director

‘I’ve learned so much in two days regarding my writing and how to improve and bolster my screenplays.’
Ellis / Writer

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Mannheim Hier August 24, 2021 at 9:32 pm #

    Well, this sounds quite interesting since everybody is in zoom right now. Thanks for sharing.

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