The London Screenwriters’ Festival HYBRID Is Going Ahead

It’s just over one month to the three days onstage in London. But the Screenwriters Festival this year is also SOOOO much more, especially for those who want to stay home and do it all online.

Firstly, so yes, everything will be made available online.

All the events over the weekend of the 10th to 12th on stage in London, where the speaker has given permission, will be filmed and uploaded later.

On the 24th of September we launch an additional online-only section of the festival, running to October 10th. All live. All recorded and available for one year. That’s on top of the Zoom room chats, meet the expert sessions and other online events already happening.

PLUS… Pitchfest is 100% online, as well as other initiatives.

AND… v2.0 is now live for delegates, with ten years’ worth of seminars, sessions and events. It’s around 600 individual events now, all indexed and available to watch right away.

You can get your pass HERE and make your own festival journey now… Enjoy it ALL from your home and online, or do that and ALSO attend in person over the weekend of September 10th to 12th (Covid restrictions will apply for all our safety).

We promised we would deliver something extraordinary and safe. And that’s what we are doing.

You can read more about the festival HERE

You can get your pass HERE

You can read feedback about past festivals HERE

Look, the biggest Screenwriting extravaganza this side of Christmas is already underway online.

Yes, it’s us!

Join now and spend the next three months with us, exploring story, improving your writing, creating new relationships, gaining confidence (we all need that right now), pitching your projects and just immersing yourself in that thing we ALL love… Screenwriting.

Most of all I know these two things to be true.

It’s who you hang out with daily that makes a real difference. We have three months of hanging out planned. And if your life is like mine and the last 18 months have been a challenge, we could really use regular community interaction to keep injecting creative rocket-fuel into our soul!

Second, sustained routine is key… We have so much going on, you will constantly be reminded to keep going and offered valuable insight into how to improve on your journey. You will feel the presence of others every step of the way, helping and encouraging you as you go.

Join us. We have spent too much time apart. And it will be splendid! Promise.

Chris Jones

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