Want a copy of the Impact50 Poster?

After a HUGE amount of debate within the team and community, we have decided to use the poster with the meteor for all online presence.

It works really well in the fast-paced environment of social media, such as account headers or thumbnails and square posts.

But for the HUGE and permanent movie poster, we have opted for the one without the meteor.

We felt that this was a piece of art, and artefact of the whole project, as much as it is an advertisement for the film.

This poster will sit MUCH better when framed and mounted on our office walls. It leaves the viewer asking deeper and profound questions, which is in fact, what the film has ended up doing. Seen bigger, it is bolder.

Everyone who comes to the premiere will get a poster free. Tickets HERE.

But if you can’t make the premiere, we are making the posters available for £20 (for two posters), including shipping (in a cardboard poster tube). You can grab yours below… or better still, join us for the premiere on May 31st!

Once we sell out that’s it, we won’t print any more. And 100% of the revenue is going toward the costs of the premiere, awards and festival run for Impact50.

Get your poster with the button below…(Sold Out)

AMAZING and thank you to the brilliant creative team at WhatIsBobo.com at Ealing Studios for this work.

We will start sending posters out once we get them back from the printers in a few weeks.

Thank you for your continued support!

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