What if Joker had been made in the 70’s? MidJourney AI Is Getting Out Of Control

We all know Skynet is coming, though if the digital revolution we just lived through is anything to go by, it’s gonna look less like Blade Runner and more like Zoom. Who knew.

Meanwhile, MidJourney, an AI image creation tool is getting better and better every day. I don’t mean that in some overly used metaphor way, I mean quite literally.

Rather, it’s getting better at creating unique images every second. The more it’s used, the better it gets, not to mention the coders on the back and making improvements all the time too.

Facebook just delivered these images to me, with the prompt ‘What if Joker were made in the 70’s?’

To be clear, an AI on a computer created these images based on its own research and learned ‘Imagination’ alongside human offered prompts and clarifications.

If you want to go on your own MidJourney journey, just Google it.

There is a trend with users at the moment too, imagining famous directors having made other classic movies. Like Wes Anderson making Alien (below).

There loads more on the Facebook page HERE alongside jaw dropping art of all genres.

And here are the Joker images that caught my eye. Interesting to note too, look closely and you will see right now it’s struggling to do hands. Some images have hands that are very distorted, others have extra fingers (nice spot there Giovanni!)

Have a rummage around, it will blow your mind. Promise.



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