You will not believe how Adobe Podcast can clean up background sound

Voice recordings with excessive background noise or reverb, have always been a challenge if you don’t have the right kit in the heat of the moment, or the location is uncontrollable from a sound perspective.

And bad sound makes ANY film or video less watchable.

Adobe are now testing a new tool that replaces sound with an AI interpreted version, effectively cleaning the audio. Here’s an example from an interview I did with Chris Vogler years ago, which I also up-rezed using Topaz (more on that HERE).

The results are startling. Listen above.

Is it perfect? No. Is it movie quality? Not really. Not yet. It does have that sound of a slightly muffled mic cadence, BUT it’s also astonishingly good.

And this is the first iteration. Give it a couple of years an the results will be staggering. It took about five minutes to upload, process and download.

Just Google Adobe Podcast and sign up. It’s free at the moment. You will be offered test access with files up to one hour or 500mb.

Here’s the complete interview with Chris if you are interested.

Blimey and Charlie!

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