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So the plot thickens…

We have been editing, testing, editing, testing… and getting great results and feedback in these screenings. In some ways we are now slipping into analysis paralysis on some points, but on others, we are really having to fine tune the edit. For me, great movies stretch the credible right to the very edge. You take […]

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Test Screening 3 and final roller

Last night, after a small re-edit, we held another test screening. Results were as usual very interesting. No revelations this time, just amplifications on what we already knew, and a few more ideas to integrate into final picture grading. At some point, screenings like these start slipping into opinion – which isn’t much use. Analysis […]

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Test Screening Number 2 – new stuff discovered!

Last nights test screening went very well. Lot’s more stuff discovered. First off, everyone really enjoyed the film and felt impressed by how ‘BIG’ it felt. This is mainly down to the story, photography and music, and also the simple ‘non tricksy’ direction I think. I am very pleased. But… we still have some stuff […]

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Production Music for Gone Fishing

I have been working on music (STILL I KNOW!)for the last few days and have come to believe that in order to get the immense and epic battle music I need, I am going to have to use some library or production music. This seems to me to be the only way to get that […]

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First stab at the DVD cover…

I have spent the day designing the first DVD cover for ‘Gone Fishing’. This is very different to a feature cover in one major way – it will never act as a POINT OF SALE for a buyer. The only people who will get the DVD will either be given it, or come across it […]

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It's 5.51 am…

I spent yesterday driving a van around London collecting camera kit and lights – I love that moment when normal life ends and you step into the world of movies – that for me was yesterday when I collected the van. Cameraman Steve Brooke Smith camera along for the ride, and thank god he did […]

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Compiling Titles

I have been collating the titles for the end crawler. This presents a number of practical problems. First off is just how do you format it so that you can easily use it in other programs once all typed out in MS Word? The big thing is to NEVER use tabs. Just write the test […]

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DISASTER! The neg is lost!

Last night was the first truly dark night on this production. It was HELL! Yesterday we got word from the lab that the negative had been misplaced. No-one actually knew where it was. It was frankly, LOST! That fact was further complicated by it being late in the day and after six, everyone went home. […]

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Killer Pike Arrives

Today I collected our three and a half foot animatronic – well actually, hand puppet – monster pike. It was made by effects guru Jenny Cochrane and it weighs A TON! This fish is never going to be seen out of water, only in the murky shallows as it battles with Young Bill. We will […]

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Digital Effects Work Begins

We are now prepping for the Digital Effects that we need in Gone Fishing. This is a bit of a technical process. It starts with a chat with the FX guys, in this case, the amazing wizards from Men From Mars. We isolated the shots we need, in this case a shot of a worm […]

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Jaws for Kids!

Still working on music for Gone Fishing. We have entered that dreaded stage where we have fallen in love with the temporary music we used, and anything else, just does not do the same job. This is a typical problem and I am trying hard to stay focussed on a solution and not on what […]

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Music track laying

We are now adding music to Gone Fishing, and for part of the score, I am using music pulled from one of the unique music libraries here in the UK – Audio Network has thousands of tracks that you can use in your production, for a one off fee of £250 – all rights, worldwide. […]

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The budget is in…

Producer, Sabina Sattar, has spent the last week tallying up the budget. We have gone over budget. I knew we had so during the shoot as a number of problems came up and I just sanctioned them, saying we can figure out how to deal with it once we have it all in the can. […]

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First test screening

Last night we held out first test screening for ‘Gone Fishing’. Blimey. What an evening. We had about ten people round and we watched it on my big video projector. This was an offline cut, with temp music and sound. After the film played, I asked a number of questions and we entered a three […]

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Stills arrive

Traditionally, on low budget films, you always have trouble getting certain crew members. Stills photographers and sound recordists are usually toughest. We were very lucky as we had Ro Heap record the sound excellently, and Mark Reeve took the stills. I only just took delivery of Marks pictures and I am blown away. Not only […]

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