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42 Ways To Improve Your Screenplay

  Screenwriters Slogans For The Wall… by Alexander MacKendrick © The Estate of Alexander Mackendrick At the London Screenwriters’ Festival, Paul Cronin delivered a terrific session on Alexander Mackendrick and the preverbal language of cinema. Paul also sent me some scans (above) of the aphorisms Mackendrick had stuck to his wall when he taught […]

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How to communicate to get what you want, top strategies and pitfalls to avoid

As a film maker I am in the business of communication. It is the cornerstone of my business. Communicating big ideas with the world. Communicating stories with financiers, backers, actors, producers and broadcasters. And communicating with my community, sharing my journey and sometimes asking for help. As I write this I am downloading 79 emails. […]

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Get The Comedy Writers Pocketbook For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee!

At the London Screenwriters’ Festival last year, we produced a very special Screenwriters Pocketbook, crammed full of insights, tips and tricks for movie scribes and small enough to slide into your pocket. The book was so well received that we decided to do the same all over again for the recent hugely successful London Comedy […]

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Get The Screenwriter's Pocketbook FREE – top articles by Screenwritings Biggest Names

At the London Screenwriters Festival last year, we produced a very special Screenwriters Pocketbook, crammed with insights, tips and tricks for movie scribes. As it was our first year we printed more than we needed and we have around 100 left. So we thought that we would share them with you. So you can have […]

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