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Can you write a Twisted Short Story to be published in our collection of Spine Tinglers?

We all like something different… Can you write a Twisted Short Story to be published in our collection of Spine Tinglers? Yes I know we are first and foremost screenwriters and filmmakers, but if you are anything like me, there are many other ways to express creativity. And Twisted might just be for you. ‘Twisted’ […]

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50 kisses premiere on xmas day.

50 Kisses Will Premiere Online on Xmas Day

Following the news that 50 Kisses has been rejected from Sundance (thanks LA based Marlowes for chasing it), we can announce that there is no reason to hold back the movie from the internet. On Xmas day, you will be able to watch 50 Kisses online, download an MP4 (for your own device) and embed […]

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A man standing in front of a large screen in an auditorium.

50 Kisses on BBC WM Radio with Noreen Kahn

Tracey Flynn, screenwriter of Poster Boy and Anil Rao, filmmaker of Neil, both joined me for a chat on BBC West Midlands Saturday Radio show with Noreen Khan ahead of the screening tonight on the Giant Screen here in Birmingham. Tickets HERE. It’s still quite amazing that 50 Kisses is going to play on an […]

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A man in glasses standing on a balcony in an office.

50 Kisses on BBC Midlands Tonight

Today I went to BBC Broadcasting house to record a piece for the BBC Midlands article on 50 Kisses ahead of the screening this weekend on the Giant Screen in Birmingham. There are still tickets here and the screen is HUGE! (get tickets HERE) The interview was short, maybe three minutes. And they used only […]

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The cover of filmmaker magazine with a man holding a camera.

50 Kisses in Digital Filmmaker Magazine

50 Kisses director Sebastian Solberg knows the value of PR, and has managed to secure a fantastic four page spread in this months Digital Filmmaker magazine. You can read the whole article HERE. Well done Seb for keeping going – and we hope you and all the other writers and filmmakers will make it the […]

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A man giving a speech on a stage.

50 Kisses at BAFTA for the Guinness World Records, the video

Just over a week ago, the writers of 50 Kisses gathered at BAFTA to celebrate the news that they had collectively entered the Guinness Book Of Records for the most co-writers on a feature film. Here’s the video of the event! Onwards and upwards! Chris Jones My movies My Facebook My Twitter @LivingSpiritPix […]

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A woman with her hand on her face at a kisses premiere.

I promise you, World Record Breaking film ’50 Kisses’ is going to be MASSIVE in Birmingham! Tracey Flynn

Following a suggestion by local filmmaker Brendan O’Neill of Stickleback Productions (@Stickleback_Pro) Tracey Flynn is now organising  a screening in at The Giant Screen in Birmingham. Tracey, one of the screenwriters from 50 Kisses, has taken it upon herself to get 50 Kisses played on the BIGGEST screen in the midlands… She is also on […]

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Guinness world records guinness world records guinness world records guinness world records guinness world records guinness world records.

’50 Kisses’ achieves a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD

‘We are delighted to confirm that you have successfully achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for ‘Most co-writers credited for a film’. We would like to congratulate you on your record-breaking achievement. You are OFFICIALLY AMAZING’ The co-writers of ‘50 Kisses’ are now WORLD RECORD HOLDERS and will appear in the next Guinness Book […]

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Three people posing for a picture at the london film festival.

’50 Kisses’ Premiere video goes live

On February 13th 2014, crowdcreated feature film ‘50 Kisses’ was simultaneously premiered and released in the UK – At a capacity screening at the Genesis Cinema, cast, crew, friends and family gathered with us to celebrate in style. ‘50 Kisses’ took just under two years from concept to completion with nearly two thousand scripts submitted, […]

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A person holding a camera on a tripod.

Everything you need to make a feature film for cinema release

Having post produced ‘50 Kisses’, seen it through DCP production and finally premiered in a world class theatre, it’s now 100% apparent to me that we have, within reach, EVERY SINGLE TOOL NEEDED to make a movie (as an example, ‘Neil’ above was shot on a 5D and is part of ’50 Kisses’). Of course […]

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A man holding up a clapper board with the words 50 kisses.


‘50 Kisses’, the first feature film from The London Screenwriters’ Festival, is premiering on February 13th in London. Two years ago I realised that it wasn’t enough to run an annual event for screenwriters, we needed to be active participants in GETTING SCRIPTS PRODUCED. And so 50 Kisses was born. The agenda was simple. Get […]

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50 kisses buy me.

Get YOUR 50 Kisses Poster Now

NO LONGER AVAILABLE The most remarkable thing about 50 Kisses the enormous cast and crew employed during the making of this global movie. The end credits of the movie list around 2,000 creatives and run for 17 minutes – writers, producers, actors, editors, DPs… And while we couldn’t fit everyone on the poster, we have […]

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