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What an actor can really bring to your written words… The power of silence Given context and the development of character and story, a great actor will usually suggest removing dialogue in key moments. They know they can do just as much, often more, using silence and connection with other performers. While this clip (that has been doing the rounds on social media for some time) is not […]

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5 Ways To Get Top Talent Attached To Your Screenplay by JK Amalou

Attaching top talent to your screenplay doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your film made, but it certainly increases your chances. The questions asked in 99% of meetings with distributors, film financiers, and sales agents after you’ve pitched your screenplay or they have read your screenplay is: “Who is the director?” followed by “Who is in […]

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How I Cast Brian Blessed, Joanna Lumley and Jack Davenport in my fantasy short, Guest Blog by Hugh Hancock

Why You Should Consider Virtual Filmmaking For Your Next Project Guest blog post by Hugh Hancock, filmmaker and author of Machinima for Dummies Everyone knows that it’s impossible for micro-budget filmmakers to make a CGI animated movie, right? It’s horrendously expensive. It’s brutally slow – hours of rendering for every frame. It’s so technical that […]

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How to run auditions for casting your film

How do you go about casting your film? The first thing to understand is that there are two very distinct and separate parts when working with actors. The first is all business, it’s when you advertise jobs, approach agents, interview actors and invite them to be part of your film, then negotiate contracts and conditions […]

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Marlyn meet Oli…

I got an email this morning from Oli Lewington. Some of you who have kept up with the blog may know that Oli suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and last year, before shooting Gone Fishing, he wrote to me. I had posted a blog about my fears of failure, and Oli wrote to me encouraging me, […]

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Meet Marlyn Mason, Force Of Nature!

One of the great things about Film Festivals are all the new friends you make. It’s a wonderful democratisation, where everyone, superstar or newcomer, can prop up the bar together and just share in the joy of movies. New allegiances are forged (famously Tarantino and Rodriguez met on the festival circuit), and that in turn […]

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One day to go…

So. The final day before the shoot. And so far, bedlam. Without doubt this is the most hectic day of any shoot, and it’s frantic. We managed to get our leading man, against all odds – Bill Patterson. I am over the moon as Bill is a warm and charismatic presence who is ideal for […]

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James Wilson joins an ensemble of young talent

Great News. We have just confirmed James Wilson for ‘Gone Fishing’, in the part of Simon. We auditioned James some time back, and when he came into the room, he just lit it up. We also interviewed about 100 other kids, most of whom were solid little actors who would easily take an episode of […]

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Three days and counting…

Final organisational touches are now coming together. This is a kind of fluidity to production that is very tiring – dates, crew, cast, locations, all interdependent, all changing regularly. It’s most frustrating when people pull out knowing the huge impact it has on us, even though they have been involved in negotiation and things have […]

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Casting Coming Together

Great news. We have Lucy Joyce, a very experienced young actor to play Young Emily in Gone Fishing. She has a huge amount of TV and move credits to her name and it’s very exciting to be working consistently with very professional actors throughout the cast, especially as there are so many young actors in […]

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And so it begins…

Today was the first day that I really had that feeling of 100% immersion in the film making process. Where nothing else matters. It began at 8am, stage 3 at Ealing Studios, a huge sound stage that we managed to get for the sets for Gone Fishing. Set construction began with Mark Sutherland at the […]

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Announcing some cast and crew!

OK, it’s time we started to reveal who some of our talented cast and crew are going to be… First off, I am more than delighted to announce that seasoned DP, no British LEGEND, Vernon Layton, will be shooting ‘Gone Fishing’. This is awesome news as Vernon truly is an artist. Among many others Vernon […]

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